Best Massage For a Kitty

Best Massage For a Kitty

Did you know that cats might enjoy a vacuum cleaner massage? It helps to relax in the end of a hard day, improves circulation and promotes good sleep. Try it once, and if your pet is not frightened by the noise of the vacuum cleaner it will ask for some more.

The funny cat and other cool videos are in the post below.

“Please, do not stop!”

If you sleep under somebody in the army, be on the alert!

You never know what may come out from a car going ahead of you.

A little emergency happened during the military demostration of tanks.

Car VS pillar.

6 thoughts on “Best Massage For a Kitty”

  1. The cat is deaf. A freind also had a deaf cat and it also loved to be vaccumed. If it could hear, it would run from the sound of the nozzle.

  2. My loves the vacuum! I can’t start cleaning the house without her hounding me to give her a good cleaning too. (no pun intended).


    I have four video’s all trying to run at the same time. I do NOT have a T-1!!

    And why are the video’s the same as the other posts? the kids at the lake or what ever? And when one stops, it just goes on to another one! I can’t watch ANYTHING. The humers? AGAIN? Wasn’t this about a cat? Why all the other videos?

  3. Guess I’ll never see the cat video. By the time I stop the others, it’s gone on to the kids again.

    Stop it with the video’s eh?


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