22 thoughts on “A Challenge For Two Hummers”

  1. Hummers are rubbish. If you really want an SUV that is capable of going off-road and still providing you with a comfortable ride on-road you can only buy a Mercedes G-Class or a Range Rover. All the US cars are just useless gas-guzzlers. And those who are not were developed in Europe either by Ford of Europe (obviously for Ford), by Opel for GM or even by Fiat for Chrysler. The US is lagging behind in engine technology by miles and is today on the same innovation level with the emerging markets like China or even India, at least in automotive.
    Sorry, but that is just the way it is. Greetings from the world´s leading automotive hub!

    • No, You just need a real jeep with a sophisticated fwd, a modern suspension and off-road capabilities. As I said, the Hummer is not such a thing. It is a pure show-off car, that feels at home in US suburbia. A 20 year or Landi would have gotten through that pond easily 🙂

        • I live in Germany and do 50% of my work in the autmotive industry, yes I know what an Unimog is. And I know of what it is capable, but You actually do not need an Unimog for this (it is hugely expensive btw). An old 5000 EUR Landi would be just enough to get through the deep water

  2. A smart person would have attached ropes to each end of the vehicle beforehand in case it had to be pulled out.

    An even smarter person, would have used that bridge back there…..

    • Yes, a Hilux is much better than any Hummer. It is better off-road, it has a much more butter fuel consumption and is more reliable and practical and has a much more reasonable price tag as well. Speaking of Top Gear. Google the SUV challenge where they benchmarked Range Rover against a Cadillac Escalade and a Hummer. Both American cars totally broke down, the Escalate was even a total knockout with its car electronics totally destroyed while it tried to climb a hill. The Range Rover of course got on top of the mountain without any problems.

      • yes google that and when your done google a topgear video where the landrover(film crew vehicle) cant make it up a tiny hill with mud and a niva can. For a vehicle to be properly classified as an off road vehicle then it must feel out of place on a normal road aka no creature comforts like navi or sophisticated electronically controlled drive-train(diff locks, traction controls) therefore vehicles like newer civilian landrovers, g class mercs, Porsche and bmw suvs do not belong off-road no matter what the dealer says because they are rubbish. Unimog is another story entirely.

  3. hummer or hmmwv in us mil talk, is pure junk. other than its good ground clearance it can not go many places and certainly no place a u1300 would go. have owned both and unimog is 50 times better.

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