One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

Chita, Zabaikalsk region. This field is located on the territory of one plant. Old military equipment is left there to end its days under the open sky. They say that the Russian Ministry of Defence does not order new equipment like this, they only repair some old vehicles.

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

How many fields like this are scaterred on the open spaces of the country?

Location: Chita

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  1. All this steel would have been needed for construction and housing projects. And then we wonder why the average Russian with a population density of 8 people per square kilometer lives on 20qm living space. Well, there stands the answer.

    • It’ll cost to cut down and melt those tanks, not to mention that no one makes nails and rebar out of the armor grade steel …but me thinks it would be good to paint the tanks up and do some discount sells in Asia and Africa

    • So, um…. You’re of the opinion that a junkyard full of Soviet era tanks rotting away is the root cause of any current problems Russia may have, and that we should overlook the fact that Russia is still recovering from the colossal clusterf*** that it inherited from Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko and to a very real extent, the misguided liberalisation of the RF under Yeltsin, right?

            • Gorby was incompentent as was the whole KPSS. The reforms should have been carried out in the 50s or 60s. In the 80s it was just too late.

          • Gorby was a country leader that ended up dismembering his country (his country disappeared!) and the pieces were left in the worst economic catastrophe in memory. Hardly an
            achievement, but that disaster was very good news to his rivals.

            I suppose all that wasn’t in his plans when he took power.

        • To be honest, I think Gorby was trying to salvage what he could from a situation that proved to be hopeless. — The effort came too late to be effective.

      • These useless tanks are part of the colosall cluster***ck. That was the direction the soviet economy was going for 70 years. Not housing, healthcare or infrastructure.

    • You could thank to all that steel you’re not typing in Chinese!!

      Unfortunately, today you don’t need our money!


    • Abandoned junk cars or tanks or what ever, these things are symptomatic of a dysfunctional economy.

      All around the World such dumping is taking place, not just in Russia. I imagine when the Chinese economic bubble bursts such things will be found there too. I hope the Chinese people are not so arrogant as to fail to see the true lesson here.

      The real pain here is that none of this stuff was actually built for positive life affirming reasons, instead it is war making potential.

      Some individuals may see this as wasteful, I see tanks that have not been used and I am glad of this fact.

      At least the people who left this stuff behind are not engaged in huge all-encompassing war preparations, unlike some I could name.

  2. it’s difficult for them after dissappearance of command economy. In the UK there are many abandoned dumps full of rusting cars and piles of rubbish. If no-one offers to remove/smelt the items then nothing gets done. The Republic of Ireland went through a “dump old cars in a field” if anyone out there can remember Ireland in the 80’s.

  3. That´s a lot of material placed as scrap. For those interested to take a look with Google Earth, coordinates are 51º 54′ 51″ N, 113º 39′ E.

    • Like WWII? Soviet T-34 was the very best tank of WWII.

      Now the US Military overspends the whole world in Military spending, while the US economy is paralyzed and Government’s dependent of Chinese loans. “Army always on first place…”. LOL.

      • Of course, T34 is obsolete now (WWII ended in victory 67 years ago) and the USSR dried up 20 years ago. That’s history.

        About “Army always on first place…”, while slurping a chronic debt in a paralyzed economy, well, that’s only a curious US habit now.

        But you can rant against foreign “boogie men”, dead for 2 decades. It’s good therapy.

  4. Thats am argument I cannot accept. I have been told a few times that recycling is more expensive than just mining it and smelting new steel. I say you are doing it wrong. Thats not ordinary steel like in automobiles, and soup cans. armor, machinery, gun barrels, are made of expensive nickle alloy steel. If you cannot economically scrap that, I will

    • Most of the tanks are obscured, but most that are still largely intact are T-80s. And BTW, I think you mean T-72 not T-70. Cant really spot any in the pics though.

      • 1st pic = old T-80 (the characteristic rear exhaust and the box to the left of the gun – the fire control unit for 9K112 Kobra missiles), 2nd pic – early T-72 model, with the optical rangefinder head, and all the other tanks – different T-62 variants (the ones with ERA are probably T-62 МВ)

  5. They should give those to poor people to drive around in. This way they will be safe and the vehicles will be able to be on the road making people happy once again.

    • Yes i’m sure these tanks brought much joy and happiness to the people of Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, etc… oh wait you were talking about the Russians who took them into battle. Never mind! lol

      • Well, Chinese and Vietnamese managed to kick your ass, and Afghans are vary happy with becoming the world’s number 1 Heroin exporter, and one of the most opium addicted countries (and still miserable, but “free”).

        Probably that’s what “joy” means to you.

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