Let the Train Burn

Let the Train Burn

Cameras are often at the places people do not expect. But even if they know about a cam shooting them they do not often bother. A few more videos: professional ones (from a traffic police officer, employees of a supermarket, railwaymen) and a bit more today…

A burning train is coming? Not a reason to panic!

How can a traffic police officer stop a car more effectively?

Joyride in a new UAZ truck.

They didn’t expect a problem from behind.

Is this fight of the supermarket employees staged? Hard to believe it is accidental.

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  1. http://vader.joemonster.org/upload/zjq/512_4959367a4b16d6demot0014.jpg
    (For non-Russian ER readers “Chelyabinsk diesel locomotives are so tough…”)


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