Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

You are about to see a few more cool moments captured often accidentally by the all-seeing eyes of the contemporary video and photo logging devices we used to call cameras. How about making a video of your cool friend galloping on a trike and then suddenly…. Or a few more crazy stories are inside.

Beware of your friend on the trike!

Sometimes you better don’t start it yourself…

Countryside? Drifting? Yeah perfectly possible!

Got a huge heavy bulldozer and don’t have some powers to unload it? Just dump it!

Nice way to spend some time while you are stuck IN THE TRAFFIC.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While”

  1. English russia ps going down hill fast due to all the adverts on the vids, at least put them at the end so we have the choice whether or not we watch them.

  2. Please admins, choose a different video player/host. Your embedded videos with all the social media crap on the right margin is so Russian Mafia. Also, having the volume at full blast for each video is abusive. Please try and be more responsible for the content you embed on this web site. Maybe this site should remove the videos since the admins simply don’t care about the visitors to the section of English Russia. I am disappoint.

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