Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Today in the video selection: soup from the menu of Moscow Kremlin soldiers, a man who performs functions of a road roller, a dangerous sideslip that could end really bad, a guy who has just come out from another planet and still hasn’t come to consciousness, a soldier who lifts and throws a table with his teeth!

This video was shot in a secret place in the Moscow Kremlin where unauthorized people can’t get (especially with a camera). It’s the kitchen of soldiers who guard the Kremlin. What a tasty dinner they have today! By the way, in the window the fort of the Kremlin and governmental cars can be seen.

The man who successfully performs functions of a road roller.

Big luck! Nice it didn’t end bad this time.

The most strange dubstep video you’ve seen in a while.

Can YOU do this?

4 thoughts on “Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII”

  1. The road roller man…why does this not really suprise me? And in conjunction with the food for the Kremlin Guards and the black Mercs it all just is a too wonderful picture of what is going on and going wrong.

  2. What is wrong with the soup? I was expecting them to eventually show a rat carcas, or some “human addative” being put in. It just looks like typical industrial cooking to me.


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