Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

This is a rare video where a ship of the Russian navy is fighting with Somali pirates. Though the battle rather looks like beating. Shabby little boat of the corsairs is being under fire with no chances to survive. Luckily for the pirates this time they avoided boarding and arrest.

It feels like I’ve just left a shooting range.

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      • In 1861, Doctor Richard Gatling patented the Gatling Gun, a six-barreled weapon capable of firing a (then) phenomenal 200 rounds per minute. The Gatling gun was a hand-driven, crank-operated, multi-barrel, machine gun. The first machine gun with reliable loading, the Gatling gun had the ability to fire sustained multiple bursts. Born September 12, 1818 in Hertford Count, North Carolina, Richard Gatling was the son of planter and inventor, Jordan Gatling, who held two patents of his own. Besides the Gatling gun, Richard Gatling also patented a seed-sowing rice planter in 1839 that was later adapted into a successful wheat drill. In 1870, Richard Gatling and his family moved to Hartford, Connecticut, home of the Colt Armory where the Gatling gun was being manufactured.
        And I am 52 in case you are wondering.

      • I did do research and according to the history sites I looked at: In the 1870’s Colonel Gorloff ( Later General ) headed a purchasing commission to the United Sates. General Gorloff who purchased them for the Russian Army renamed them Gorloff Guns, and a gatling gun is known as a gorloff gun in Russia today. And if you are still in doubt, check your history sites/books keeping in mind the 1861 US patent.

  1. Russia destroyer verses wooden raft. 3+ minutes to destruction. Less than 10% rounds on target. It is not a good performance. The sailors should not be laughing, they should be practicing more. Bring on the next innocent fisherman!

    • What do you expect when they use an AK630 CIWS! At 5000 rounds/minute that’s about 83 rounds/second or 45 rounds/trigger squeeze! You’re more likely to get a 1% hit rate, the rest falling short or passing right through the target and into the sea.

      • Even with the unreliable AK630, they should be ashamed that they require more time to splinter a stationary pile of wood at almost zero range than the bridge crew requires to ram it.

  2. If more countries would do this, it would drastically reduce the pirate threat. If the pirates had the weapons that have been used against them, they would do the same to us. They murder, and pillage without regard for human life, this is giving them back what they give to others….

  3. It’s not combat. Pirates already surrendered and are onboard the russian vessel. They got the order to sink the pirate vessels and decided to have some fun.

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