Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VIII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VIII

Today in the video selection: a scooter’s driver who runs into people and leaves silently, a guy who is going to celebrate his second birthday, a driver who doesn’t bother himself with looking behind while speeding up and the KAMAZ that fails several times in a minute.

The driver refused to stop and was chased with shooting. (Action since 3:00).

Second birthday of the guy.

The driver of the Chevrolet Niva didn’t look behind while speeding up…

The KAMAZ stalled and stopped, then, according to the driver, the brakes failed too.

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  1. Could you return to the older players, which at least
    1) provided controls to adjust the sound volume;
    2) did not go on looping on videos or playing an entire collection of videos automatically.

    This would be much appreciated.

  2. typical russia – total disrespect of the rules, laws, authorities. agressivity, low moral, brutality. life is nothing, no one cares about anyone and anything. no wonder your country is still one big mess.


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