Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

When the Soviets got the power in 1917 they came to the conclusion that religion is like opium, and they had to do away with it to rehabilitate all people. They started to demolish churches physically. Youth was reeducated in a new way. Thus, in the late Soviet times, they were shown various western concerts like Pink Floyd on TV right during the main religious holidays.

Vergers were even arrested sometimes and not only the Orthodox ones but the Jews as well. It was out-and-out war, one of the first episodes of this war is described here.

“This Cathedral used to stand in the middle of a huge square near the Moscow river. Big and bulky, it was sparkling with its gilded dome, and oppressed other buildings around and people’s minds with its soulless and official architecture. It used to symbolize power and tastes of old Moscow masters”. This is how one architect reminisces about it.

In 1931 it was decided by the authorities to build the Palace of Soviets on its place. There were rumours that the government intended to sell the Cathedral to America for big money.

Done Away With the Opium

One of the latest photos of the Cathedral before the demolition.

The domes were the most expensive parts of the Cathedral. The gold contained in them was equal to half a million dollars. The authorities claimed the USSR could not afford such a luxury.

Unique paintings were doomed to die, wonderful marble images were just thrown from height into the dirt. The flying angels were losing hands, heads and wings…

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Dismantled eastern staircase

Done Away With the Opium

Gold was the first to be removed

Done Away With the Opium


Done Away With the Opium

The committee responsible for the demolition

Done Away With the Opium

Taking down the bells

Done Away With the Opium

The workers made numerous attempts to throw down the cross of the main dome. It didn’t succumb for long. They used thick ropes and trucks.

The golden wonderful cross that had used to beautify the sky of the capital was lying in the heaps of trash, useless and miserable.

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

High relief portraying the blessing of a great prince Dmitry Donskoy.

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

How it had been

Done Away With the Opium

And how it became

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Marble was intended to be processed

Done Away With the Opium

Demolishing the altar of the Cathedral

Done Away With the Opium

Removing the painting “Adoration of the Magi”

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Dismantling the marble walls

Done Away With the Opium

As opposed to the famous legend about processing of the materials remained from the demolition, the big marble slabs were used for decoration of various administrative buildings of Moscow.

They were dismantling the Cathedral hastily for several months. However they didn’t dismantle it to the foundation and it was decided to explode it.

On the fifth of December, 1931, they exploded it twice. After the first explosion it remained standing.

Done Away With the Opium

Planting explosives

Done Away With the Opium

Before the explosions people who lived nearby were temporarily evicted.

Done Away With the Opium

They say that the strong explosions made the ground shake far beyond the place of the Cathedral.

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

Ruins of the Cathedral

Done Away With the Opium

The marble of the Cathedral decorated metro stations “Kropotkinskaya”, “Okhotniy Ryad”, “Novokuznetskaya”.

Done Away With the Opium

It took almost a year and a half to clear the place of the ruins.

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

December, 1931

Done Away With the Opium

Done Away With the Opium

On the fence of the demolished Cathedral there was hung a big sign: “We replace the dope dealer with a people’s palace”

They started from the Cathedral and ended with the whole country.

Location: Moscow

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  1. The ROC had abused its power chronically and had been a reactionary force in society. Instead of educating peasants, they kept them in the dark and slept with the Tsars. The Bolsheviks were merely implementing communist theories on religion. I don’t believe it was necessary to kill any priests but the destruction and/or confiscation of Church property was necessary to implement Bolshevism/communism. (And anyway, J.St. brought back a lot of the Church’s authority [in 1943], which was an anti-communist move, so religious people should look up to him, right?)

    • Are U mad? Stalin led the campaigns against the church therefore deleting the culture and heritage of the Russian people. If you would know more than jack about Orthodoxy you would understand that it traces back to the ancient Greek religion, even the iconography comes from it. So even if You don´t believe in god show some respect. Stalin understood that he had done wrong and became religious in the wake of disaster hence allowing the return of the church. Without its church Russia will fall apart for good. That is why Pussy Riot and company anre generously sponsored.

      • Remember, these are just buildings full of gold. Symbols are just objects, they have no use to people. The Church should have shown respect to the peasants. They had hundreds of years to educate people; they chose not to (read about literacy rates under the Tsars). The Bolsheviks brought (free) universal education to the masses. But you’re right that States need religion (to control the population- preach having 6,7,8 children for each couple, it’ll keep the masses too busy to complain and the swarm will give more of their limited income to the Church). And I don’t care for publicity (read money-hungry) hounds doing superficial protests. The Bolsheviks were true believers in progress and actually helped the peasants (literacy, electricity, campaigns against alcoholism and wife beating) and urban dwellers in the 1920s. Stalin was sly; of course, he did everything for a reason, but he chose to go against fundamental communist beliefs when he brought back religion; therefore, you really can’t call him a communist- he was a Red Tsar. I respect your opinion, I just believe differently.

        • You obviously don´t know a lot about Russian history. The Orthodox Church actually provided schooling when the state was not able to do that, especially in the rural areas. My grand-grandfather was an orthodox priest and a teacher in Suchumi. And Your admired Bolsheviks deprived the peasantry of its land and turned Russia from a grain exporter into a grain importer because they and their central planned economy were totally incapacitated. You can believe what You want, but facts are facts. Everything that goes wrong in Russia nowadays is a legacy of 70 years of disastrous communism and mismanagement. As long as the substance from the Tsarist era was there, the communists could survive on that and on the blood of the Russian people, but as soon as that was consumed they faced shortages everywhere. Thanks god they are gone and I hope they will never return. Communism does not work, period.

          • Literacy rate, 1897: 24 per cent (rural 20 per cent); Literacy rate, 1939: 89 per cent. Look it up… The ROC had hundreds of years to teach and by the turn of the 20th century this was the best they could do. The Bolsheviks in 20 years raised it to 90 per cent. In the 1950s literacy was 100 per cent. The Tsar and the ROC did not serve the people; they served one another. Facts are facts.

            • Yes You believe the communist bulls**t statistics. Go to many areas such as Dagestan and Chechnya, they are still illiterate, no matter who governs, the Tsar or who ever else. The Communist nationality policy effectively lay the foundation for the dissolution of the Russian state with all its little autonomous republics, even when in most actually Russians are the majority. Please stay away with Your Communist dreams…

            • not mention the disastrous economic policies. Before WWI Russia was together with Germany one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Today it is on a technological level with India and has the welfare of Turkey or Mexico. Thank you communists…

    • They got rid of Russia’s best and brightest – like Igor Sikorsky – who were scientific geniuses and devout Orthodox Christians both.

      • Yes, they drove off so many talented and successful people. Even in Chrustchov´s autobiography he tells about such examples, liek a family of Greek descent (quite common in southern Ukraine) who ran a meat producing family business, selling better and cheaper than the state shop. Then all of a sudden they were labeled enemies of the people and speculators and got killed by the red beasts. For what? Because they were hard working? Because they were better than the state shops? My own people left Russia in the 30s because they were either priests or successful businessmen having shipping company and a few hotels and were rich, due to their own commercial talent. But after the revolution the same Trozkis and Swerdlows were dining in the best restaurants at the same time the people were starving. That is communism in a nutshell.

      • Russia’s loss, our gain. Sikorsky is still a damned good company to work for to this day. Best decision he ever made was to GTFO of Russia while he could. The rest is history.

    • Of course, before the glorious communism era,people knew 20 or 30 words, ate stones and burned their children in their house to have heat,like christian authorities ask them.
      Viva la revoluçion!

  2. Lame communist excuses for the wanton destruction of historical religious architecture and murder on a grand scale. Did they destroy the Tsars palaces and after executing them too, or move into them and put them to use?

    This is the true face of communism. Anyone or anything that might threaten the communists grip on power must be murdered or destroyed!

    • Sounds like you’re confusing it with capitalism there. It’s ok, we understand these complicated words may be a bit difficult sometimes.

      • Here America is right. Communism sucks and doesn´t work and never will. They wanted to replace Jesus with Lenin, the Holy Father with Stalin and the Holy Spirit with the Communist Party. A sick bunch of people. BTW this church has been rebuilt and was the place where Pussy Riot staged its “performance”. As if the place hasn´t endured enough. But thank god they are now taken care of.

      • And you kopoBa, have made it clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. You seriously have capitalism and communism/socialism really confused. It’s not capitalism that is destroying churches and “wanton destruction”. That’s liberalism.

        Thanks for playing though. What? Are you about 12 years old? Or just an old communist that just can’t let go, and never got an education? Good grief. You’re almost as bad as that old communist troll revolutionist that loves communism, but can’t see (still) how bad it is/was. And keeps blaming capitalism for everything, when capitalism is just great, made America the strongest country in the world in the shortest time ever. It’s when LIBERALISM that started seeping in, like the cancer that it is, and always will be, started destroying everything. Almost every single problem in the USA (and probably the world) can be traced back to liberalism in one way or another. So I guess, I should thank you for your part in destroying the world.

        • Fred, Liberalism started up the US! It’s at the very core (in contrast to the Monarchic Britain of the time).

          If the US weren’t liberal since the beginning, it would have been a group of slavery feudal plantations filled with religious fanatics, as Lee’s South was going to be. Or is…

        • Ooh. Theres a twist. Blame the liberals. Lol.

          And Lol @ this “when capitalism is just great, made America the strongest country in the world in the shortest time ever.” Ironic considering that you’re so heavily in debt to China.

      • Yes kopoBa, it’s well know how the evil capitalists demolished all the churches, synagogues and mosques in the west to consolidate their own power!

        Oh wait, never mind…

    • @America: Radical Fanatism can be religious or political (commie or not). In this case, it was Soviet.

      For a 1000 years, it was religious. This may explain the virulence of these tragic destructions.

      • Not even Soviet Communism destroyed Faith. But certainly Communism destroyed Religious Power. It’s not the same… This Power was something very strong and harmful in Tsarist Russia.

        • If the power of the church was “harmful”, what exactly was then 70 years of communist rule? They effectively decapitated the country.

          • @Tiger,

            That Church was harmful enough to preserve unchanged centuries of Medieval Romanov rule. That caused accumulated resentment, and an unpredictable Revolution. You know the rest…

            As said, Faith is not the same as Religious Power. Can be very different things.

            • Romanov rule was the the best rule Russia has endured in its history. They developed Russia and expanded its grip. Before the 1st World War the country was on the track of becoming one of the most advanced economies on par with the UK and Germany.
              Forget about the Communists, Jelzin and even Putin, who still is infected by commy ideology, trying to play a superpower instead of focussing on his own people. And yes, a people without faith is doomed, especially in times of globalization.

              • “…on par with the UK and Germany…”. I don’t think so. Those countries didn’t have the level of poverty, inequality and illiteracy (and abuse) that Russia had. And by the way, Germans won over Imperial Russia then, and even Japan a decade earlier…

                “… people without faith is doomed…”, but also fanatic people led by a Religious Hierarchy with their own interests. Very dangerous thing. Faith in the God you like, is a different thing entirely.

                “…Romanov rule was the the best rule Russia has endured in its history…”. Not in the end.

                After that statement, no need to discuss.

                • Yes, there is no need to discuss history with people who ignore historical data. Dream on about the bright future of the atheist-one-party-state-central-planned-economy, maybe next time around your corner.

                  • Yes, “there is no need to discuss history with people who ignore historical data.”

                    Thats very good advice. Take it, Chac Mool. Ad [Tiger] so kindly pointed out there is no use arguing with those who ignore historical data.

                    • Yes, how many people died under the Tsarism from hunger and how many died in labour camps? Maybe some thousands here and there over a period of hundred years. But millions under communism in ten years. No thanks, I don´t need any further advise from you.

                  • “…atheist-one-party-state-central-planned-economy…”. Never mentioned that. You have a wild imagination. My point is that Faith is not the same as Religious Power of some few people witheir own agenda. You haven’t aswered that and you won’t. That’s why, no need to discuss the things you have to invent to support your comments.

                    If you ignore your past, you’ll repeat the same things again. Simple.

                    • And replace the Tsar with something far more brutal, terrible and incompetent. Your understanding of history is in fact 11th class…there is not much to say. We see pictures of run-down soviet cities on ER every day and yet this does not ring a bell, not to speak from the dismal stats Russia posts since 1917.

                  • @Tiger

                    “No thanks, I don´t need any further advise from you.” Lol. Actually my advise was for Chac Mool, to stop arguing with you. There is a saying on the internet; Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience… Now, I’m sure you’ll understand to who I’m referring to.

                    And here is the killer part. That advise came from YOU. And yet, you openly refuse it. LOL.

                    • @vorontsevich

                      “After that statement, no need to discuss”…
                      That part was a rude excess from my part. Apologies. That’s the only thing I take back.

                      But after reading “Tiger” again, probably I’ll have to post that back.

                    • @Tiger
                      I can see you don’t know jack about why the Tsarist regime ended with the people rising in a Revolution, if it was so great -according to you.

                    • And how did this revolution turn again out? Dozens of millions dead, the industry ruined, the ecology ruined, the society ruined…but keep on dreaming

  3. It smells like a big roberry, its always that and only that. Ideology is only cover for one big rip off! I wonder what happened with the gold, and relics? Maybe they ended up in a collection of some capitalistic pig and class enemy LOL

    • That went into the pockets of the soviet “elite”, the very scum that staged the revolution and betrayed the country. Ironically, when it came to build something the communists never got it done, but when it was about destroying something they were all of a sudden very accurate, including their own reign.

      • Putin is surrounded by jews. In fact most senior aides, many politicians and oligarchs are still jews. So I don´t see the “judeophobic” spin here. As Russia is not a jewish state I think this can and should be corrected. Russia should be run first of all by Russians and not by minorities. You don´t want to be governed by a President from Puerto Rico or Taiwan either, do You? You Americans can´t even stand Obama because his father is a Kenyan muslim. So please focus on you own national problems.

        • “…Putin is surrounded by jews…”.

          But is also surrounded by a lot more atheist or christian Russians (pols and oligarchs). I guess you overestimate (and fear) too much the Jewish people.

          Better educate yourself (and your people) and try to catch up, instead of blaming a few people for the mistakes of an overwhelming majority.

          • Yes, tell me more about “Russian” oligarchs and “Russian” Yeltsin advisors, all so with their “Russian” names like Abramovich (jew), Gusinsky (jew), Beresovsky(jew), Usmanov (uzbek), Alekperov (azeri), Kerimov (dagestani), Fradkov (jew), Surkov (chechen)…yes so many real Russians…

            • I heard that Russian Government and Duma doesn’t have an overwhelming majority of foreigners or Jewish Russians.

              I heard also that an enormous majority of voters are “Real” Russians.

              So, what are you waiting for? Educate yourself and catch up, if you really hate a few “others” so much.

              • You don´t understand my point. I was referring to a poster who said that Putin was “judeophobic” when in fact many of his entourage and of the oligarchs are jews, although this is not Israel. So how “judeophobic” or “xenophobic” is that to you?

                • You mentioned people from other countries, I didn’t. You should answer your own assumptions/questions.

                  I do NOT thnk that Putin is a Judeophobic, Xenophobic, a demon or a sold out leader; well, that’s before you invent more things you only guess “I think” to support your comments.

                  • So what? How many Russian oligarchs does Azerbajdzan and Uzbekistan have? None! But how many Russian oligarchs do you see in Azerbajdan and Uzbekistan? None! Those who had factories were killed or driven out.

                    • “So what?” The same answer: the majority should educate and catch up the few people You hate. Only hating them is useless.

                      Russian people are more than capable to achieve incredible and awesome things. They have proved that many times (and that’s why I like this site).

                      If you don’t understand these simple things, read my comments again and don’t put posters or words in my mouth.

                    • @Tiger,
                      OK now, I’m kind of lost here… I don’t know who is answering back to whom.

                      “..Russian people are more than capable to achieve incredible and awesome things…” Agreed. That’s why I like this site too.

                      But hating minorities is a useless rant. If you think you are -or should be- superior (?), then show it. Numbers are in your favor.

                  • It is not about superiority. It is about that just some different religions and nations don´t get along, in the Middle East, the Balkans or Russia, it is always the same picture. Seperation and independence from each other is the key. Some of them do have their own countries and they should be encouraged to go back, like the Russians were encouraged to leave the other soviet republics. That is just fair and nothing else. Otherwise we will see more ethnic wars in the Caucasus and maybe in the muslim Volga republics. Even the Buddhist in the Republic of Buryatia were hesitating to join Russia after 1991 and it was only in 1995 they signed a contract with Yeltsin to remain an autonomous republic within the Russian federation. But what do we want from them? They cost us money and when the going gets tough they will not be loyal. So they should be granted independence and thats it. All remaining Russians can settle elsewhere. We must stop this imperial dreams, they have only brought us harm.

        • Umm as i recall Russia was run by Russians, his name was Boris Yeltsin. 😉

          Better to stop worrying about the ancestry or the religious beliefs of Russian citizens and let the candidate who is best qualified and know what they are doing have the job. Whether they are ethnic Russians or not. 😉

          As for a Puerto Rican President, I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they are a natural born U.S. Citizen. The Taiwanese guy, only if he is a natural born U.S. citizen of Taiwanese ancestry. Then i wouldn’t have a problem with it provide they’re qualified and their opponent isn’t more qualified.

          • You can elect Taiwanese or Arabs or Men from Mars in the US if you please, but Russia is a nation state like most other European states and shall and will be governed by people who share its basic values which are Russian culture and the orthodox church because this reflects the majority of the people. All others are just minorities who happen to live there and who should be happy to be allowed to do so. If they do not like it there, despite all the rights and freedoms granted, today they are free to leave as most minorities do have their own republics and nation states. I don´t see either Spain nor Italy to be governed by others than Spanish or Italians. This is how Europe works. That´s why we have an ocean between us. BTW, most US presidents were WASPs, only Kennedy was catholic and Obama was half Kenyan and half WASP. So don´t pretend that you are going to elect an Asian guy any time soon.

            • “So don´t pretend that you are going to elect an Asian guy any time soon.” – We are not as Xenophobic as might think.Unlike If i had asked you 8 years ago you probably would have said that we wouldn’t elect someone of mixed race anytime soon too, yet we did. But whatever, make excuses for why that doesn’t count. That it’s only because of minorities that he got elected and doesn’t represent the true choice of the majority. lol

              • The majority in the US is already black and hispanic. So naturally Obama did it and will do it again. You will see. Obviously you are not aware of the composition of your own country.

        • Forget it, there is no racial or religious harmony in the US either. A proper American is a WASP, even Irish and Italians were considered to be newcomers and 2nd class citizens. Let´s not talk about the “african Americans” or “Hispanics”. You WASPs practically run from the suburbs once one black or hispanic family moves in. We also know that Obama won because of the black and latino vote…so please stop kidding around.

          • And yet the President of the United States is a man of mixed race, born a Muslim, a Christian convert, with an stheistic period as well, son of an American mother and Kenyan father, raised abroad, decidedly unwaspish looking, and yet he is President of the United States. Who did he defeat? A waspish looking American war hero, John McCain and Miss America Sarah Palin.

            Face it Tiger, time has past you by. America is always changing. Even if you are not.

            • He won with 52% of the vote. That is all the blacks asians and hispanics together (and some liberal whites). You are like the commies, telling us about “friendship of peoples”, but in many cities there is already segregation and the whites are running away. Today we have free travel. Go to Detroit or Baltimore and you will see what I mean. Not every city is like San Francsico. In Detroit there are districts sealed off by blockposts and the policy tells you not to enter if you are not black, because you will get shot. I have seen that.

              • He won with 52.87% of the vote. Neither George W Bush nor Bill Clinton got higher then that, and they are decidedly more WASPish then Obama. You have to go all the way back to G HW Bush and Reagan to find an American President who got more of the popular vote. And it’s never been higher then 61% of the vote.

                So what’s your point again? He won. We don’t vote based on WASPiness. Otherwise that white guy McCain would be President.

                All your doing is describing the fact that America is a nation of diverse political opinion. Nothing new there…

                “but in many cities there is already segregation and the whites are running away.”

                Yeah, yeah. What you neglect to mention is that black and latinos etc. who can afford to get the hell out of those places do too, and the whites that can’t afford to stay behind too.

                • Dream on dreamer…you are already in an inter-ethinic conflict in the US. And McCain lost, because due to low birth-rates of WASPs and migration of hispanics the US has been reshaped. Read Huntington´s book “Who are we”. You don´t fool anyone here.

                  • Perhaps you didn’t get the memo?

                    “Who we are” in America is constantly changing depending on where the most recent immigrants are coming from. It has always been the case, as somewhat uniquely the U.S. population consists almost entirely of people descended from those who immigrated here from some other part of the world.

                    What makes us Americans is a set of core values we almost universally share. Not the color of our skin or the religion we practice.

                • Yes, I have seen NY (esp. Brooklyn), I have seen Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and LA…everywhere the same picture. People live in segregated suburbs (hispanic, black and white)and off the records people are just so fed up with each other. Guess why that black kid got killed in Miami? He just walked into whita majority suburb wearing a hoody. What was his name? Trayvon Martin I guess. That is just a bright example of American reality. Remember the kid is dead, not wounded or beaten…he was actually shot dead and he was unarmed. Actually read the book first. America will not be America any more if the ongoing population replacement goes on. There is no state or empire that dramatically changed the demographic setup and remained stable. None and never was.

                  • “Guess why that black kid got killed in Miami? He just walked into whita majority suburb wearing a hoody.”

                    You obviously have no idea what happened there, starting with where it happened, the ethnicity of the suburb etc. etc. etc.

                    You sure you’ve seen it all Jack, you know America like the back of your hand.

                    FYI Sanford is NOWHERE near Miami. Recheck your “facts”.

                  • Miami, Shmiami, Sunford is in Florida…doesn´t make a difference to the case, does it? The shooter called the police and said that there is a black kid with a hoody walking in the neighbourhood and that was enough reason for him to be suspicious and to think this is a criminal. So what does this info tell us? 1st: that this was a suburb where blacks did not live and that the emergence of one of them was seen as a threat. And these things happen every day.
                    I guess you would be the first guy whose shaking hand would grab a gun when two or three guys with a different complexion in hoodies come your way :), they way I know you Americans.

  4. You people wanting to destroy religion, what do you have against freedom? You don’t seem to realize that some people WANT to believe, in fact, they NEED something to believe in.

    For many, the after life is a very scary thing, the unknown. Believing in streets paved with gold and what ever other BS they want to believe in, is comforting to them.

    Especially the oppressed. They need to feel that there is something better than what they have currently. If nothing else, when they die, they’ll be set free.

    But what’s wrong with people believing? Why do you want to control their lives so much? You personally can hate religion all you want, but why keep other people from doing what they want? You’re no better than the communist that tried to control every aspect of (almost) everyone’s lives down to how much bread they could eat.

    I don’t believe at all, but man, I believe everybody should have a choice, it’s called freedom. You people make me sick sometimes.

    The hallmark of liberalism, wanting to control other people’s lives, tell them how to live, because you’re so much better and smarter than everybody else.

    • Of course. Fanatic Christians are the most tolerant people I have ever met, and absolutely don’t mess with the lives of other people, right?

      Fanatism comes in many brands. Can be Commie or Religious.

      • Agreed, Christians constantly complain about there being a perceived cultural war against them in the US. Who are they kidding? Christians are the vast majority of Americans! Meanwhile they want to dictate to the rest of us how we should live our lives too. (shakes head)

        The truth is as much as they complain U.S. Christians have no freakin’ clue what it’s really means to be persecuted, just because of their religious beliefs.

    • Happy to let people believe in whatever they want to but when it becomes part of policy of a country, then that oppresses everyone else.

    • Actually the hallmark of liberalism is to let people live how they want. Don’t confuse economic systems with political positions, they aren’t the same thing.

  5. Disgraceful destruction of an antiquity.One of many such desecrations.
    An attempt to replace Christianity with communism as a religion. A Disgraceful and barbaric part of Russian past. Lenin and his followers were lunatics and anarchists. Russia suffered so much under these lunatics.

      • you do not know the story! Tell me where is Germany? in Germany collected money for Lenin the Russian Revolution! A strong Russia or when not needed west, so many finance expense for poor Russia! President Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire?! Tell the people ….. in America made ​​a documentary film, “masters of money?”? Give me an answer – who is the evil empire??

  6. Religion can be used to control people (and win wars), as well as any Political doctrine, like Communism, Nazism, “Democracy” by Gunboat…

    With Fanaatism, both Religion or Political Ideals end up destroying anyone who disagrees.

  7. Anyway, I need to see the rebuilt building, and the salvaged components of the old one if I travel to Russia. I doubt they’ll let me visit the underground conference room though.

  8. I am a Russian man, I am 42 year! I grew up in the Soviet soyuz.Moy grandfather started the war when Germany beat him by Moscow! I grew up among the good people! read books and read Jack London and many other books and not when I did not think as we do not Navid Russian in the world!! You Americans love monkeys and crocodiles whichever greater than people!
    I respect people who dumaeyut own head!!!

  9. Pinch fist and raise your thumb for normal American people!
    stupid rednecks do not join!!
    and how you like to make fun of Russian people – drink to your health!

  10. Americans! Russia was the first country to recognize your independence! Need proof? Read the story Russia! You can see all the Soviet government propaganda! you are all ignorant that Russia has made to the world! …..


    and I believe Capitalist U.S.A is a little bit of both Fascism, Communism.

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