Spanglish: The Movie That Will Cheer You up

Spanglish: The Movie That Will Cheer You up


Everyone has bad days. Everything starts from the very morning: the alarm clock decided not to let you know about the coming of a new day for some mysterious reasons; jumping out of bed, you hit the little finger on your foot on the nightstand; in the bath, you find that you have run out of toothpaste … And the whole day goes by the same scenario.


When you return home, you feel terribly exhausted. It seems nothing can breathe new life into you. But we have one proven, absolutely accurate, effective method: just take a bottle of red dry wine (your favorite beer, juice, water – depending on what you like) and watch a frivolous, emotional comedy. In combination with melodrama. At it would be the best scenario, if you’ll watch it with a beauty from )


Someone of you squeamishly frowns – after all this is a type of movies for girls in the puberty period and desperate housewives, abusing valium. But believe me, snobbery can never raise your mood and “repair” a seemingly absolutely doomed day. What cannot be said about comedy/melodrama movies.


We suggest you watch “Spanglish”. This is a charming comedy, filmed in the already distant 2004. Here’s a brief description of the film: The plot of the film “Spanglish” takes place around a simple Latin American family, Flor Moreno and her daughter Christina, who move to live from Mexico to the US in the hope of a better life. Arriving at a new location, they begin to experience financial difficulties, and Flor has to find a job very quickly. She arranges to work as a housekeeper in a house to a wealthy Klaska family. However, in the course of carrying out her daily work, a woman faces great problems in communicating with her employers because she does not speak English at all, and they do not speak Spanish.


This leads to the fact that very often the language barrier becomes an insurmountable obstacle in communication between extraordinary Americans and traditional Latinos who respect traditional values, which in turn leads to various comical and curious situations.


This film can be called a “classic” comedy with Adam Sandler. It was shot during the heyday of his career and this is felt in every frame of “Spanglish”. From the first seconds to the final credits, the viewer feels a unique atmosphere of kindness, coziness, and something native. The humor in this film is perceived as the jokes of an old friend – with sincere merriment and a drop of nostalgia.


The director and scriptwriter of this film is James L. Brooks. His biggest directorial success is the film “The Tongue of Tenderness”, which won 5 Oscar awards in 1984 – Brooks is one of six directors in the history of world movie art who received this award for their debut film. This guy knows how to make people laugh. He can create truly life-affirming films. By the way, he is also the producer of “The Simpsons”!


In the film “Spanglish” you can feel all the experience and all the skill of this director.


Some interesting facts about “Spanglish”:


The role of Deborah’s mother was to go to Anne Bancroft, who at the last moment was forced to refuse to participate in the project.


For the sake of participation in the film, Adam Sandler refused the role of Max in Michael Mann’s film “Participant”.


Over 2000 girls claimed the role of Bernice. Selected for her, Sarah Steele was forced to recover more than 6 kilograms to more closely match her character.


Since the director, James L. Brooks did not understand the Spanish language, and Paz Vega did not understand English, the translator was constantly present on the set.


Although it was not included in the final version of the film, in remote scenes on DVD it is shown that Flor and Christina came to the US on a small airplane controlled by a friend of her ex-husband Flor who tried to flirt with her during the flight.


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