Hummer Burned to the Ground


Hummer Burned to the Ground

Guy sets on fire a Hummer car of someone else, right in the middle of the day with people walking around. Escaped unnoticed. Almost.




Police failed to find him.

22 thoughts on “Hummer Burned to the Ground”

  1. Nine minutes for the firefighters to respond isn’t so bad.
    But the dummies trying to extinguish the flames before that were without the clues. So, if this is Russia, every car should have the extinguisher. No one used them?

    • >every car should have the extinguisher. No one used them?
      Kidding? Those extinguishers are able to put out a candle maybe, not a flaring SUV liberally seasoned with petrol. Two men tried to use the extinguishers – they are useful no more than a spray bottle in this scenario.

  2. Awesome.

    Q: How can you tell if a person is an idiot?

    A: They own a hummer.

    (especially if it’s one of those fake hummers, the h2s & 3s, cars that even China didn’t want.)

    • If by “people” you mean liberal “Earth Liberation Front” eco-terrorists who commit arson then yeah, otherwise they are not torched any more often then other cars.

      I still haven’t figured out how Hummers engulfed in a raging fire is supposed to be good for the environment? Oh wait it’s OK if THEY sh_t on the environment to get their point across, right?

          • I’m relaxed, thanks. Because I didn’t see your “silly point” at all. Only your silly comments. Could be an angry boyfriend, a mob payback… the point is: YOU DON’T KNOW! LMFAO!

            And still is a horrible vehicle.

            • Mrs. Benz,
              That ‘America’ moron should know the Arsonist personally. And if he doesn’t, he still “knows” all about him. LOL. Now we know he loves Hummers.

  3. so its a hummer,….and what now? People should buy cars that THEY WANT , not what the society want! …And destroing other persons cars, only becaus you are sad ——> no dick at all!!!

  4. If you knew how much the Hummer replacement parts are in Russia, let alone the waiting times to get them, then you’d understand why this guy had them burn it for insurance.

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