Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IV

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IV

Today in the video selection: army loading fail, a lesson of hunting a very dangerous South Russian tarantula, ways to be the first on the best site for a picnic, diffuculties of learning to drive…

Maybe he forgot to turn the first gear off…

If you decide to have a picnic close to the city you have to do your best to occupy a nice place…

The guy is learning to drive for the third day… (watch the video since 0:25)

The guy shows how to hunt a highly dangerous South Russian tarantula.


13 thoughts on “Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IV”

    • yes, must be completely not knowing controls. also completely wrong way to load, ramps too steep, must use big blocks of wood so vecihle does not reach tipping point and fall forward. really stupid, someone could have died.

      • We all have to learn at some point. A military unit has to work with what they’re issued. It would have taken a lot of oak blocks, plus the tracks would have tore them up. It was a very steep crest, but, military and civilian transport operate totally different. Nobody seemed panicked. guessing it wasn’t anything new to them. 🙂 but yes, with equipment that heavy, it doesn’t take much for people to die….

  1. I think that when he passed the tipping point and the front of the vehicle came slamming down, he was either knocked out of his seat, or hit his head. I have loaded smaller equipment on trailers, it is scary when it balances, then comes down hard

  2. Man, watch these videos again. Harmless and very badly cutted car crash videos. Is it really worth it, to waste time on a single one of them?! We are not americans who spendig their time in stupidity. Raise the niveau of your content, my friends.

  3. What armoured Vehicle is that?
    I have driven BMP-1/ M109 of the Swiss Army, and its sooo scary hard to drive on a trailer. … You can see the vehicle is very long up in the air, the driver sees and hears NOTHING!!!!!

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