Daily Video Awesomeness, Part 1

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part 1

Latvian special forces at work, tricks and a highy explosive truck on the road, a car that does not need a driver, a chick that can’t learn which pedal means break – all this stuff inside the first post of daily awesomeness!

Someone is getting his driving lessons right

SWAT from Latvia is… SWAT from Latvia.

No, I don’t see you. I am alone here!

Self driving cars are reality these days

You never know how dangerous a vehicle nearby can turn out to be!

2 thoughts on “Daily Video Awesomeness, Part 1”

  1. Latvian special forces at work…
    1. Latvian? No – They’re Lithuanian
    2. Special Forces or SWAT? Nay, looks like regular army or even national guard…
    3. At work? Nay, looks like training

    And what are they doing in Russia anyways???


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