Chupacabra Hunting Season

Chupacabra Hunting Season

A strange animal was shot in Ukraine. Local vets and zoologists can’t attribute it to any species of animate beings. But local dwellers are sure that the creature is the very legendary bloodsucker Chupacabra.

It is dark brown, with rare harsh wool, a long tail and a long neck. Its weight is about 11 lb, length – 1,8 feet.

The animal was shot in the Mikhailovsky district of the Zaporozhe when it was trying to sneak into a hen house.

Chupacabra Hunting Season

Such animals have never been seen before. But it has fangs so it must be a predator.

It has something in common with a dog, a fox and an otter. But it is not any of this species.

Chupacabra Hunting Season

Chupacabra Hunting Season

Chupacabra Hunting Season

Specialists conclude it is a hybrid or a mutant.

But maybe everyting is just more simple? Some ill fox or too bald marten? Though it’s more exciting to believe in legends…

Location: Zaporozhe, Ukraine

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  1. Idiots… it is obviously a poor mutated dog. I don’t blame it for trying to sneak into a henhouse, it looks too deformed to properly hunt.

  2. This story shines bad light on the Chupacabra. It’s real, and I’ve seen with my own two eyeballs. Both of them! I’ve spent my whole life trying to capture one of them damn things down here in TX. I was even in a documentary back in 88 if you don’t believe me. You can see it here.

    Long live the Chupa!!!

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