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  1. Iconoclasm fails in the sense where the iconoclast thinks himself important; that is, if the iconoclast does the act publicly, they desire themselves to be the icon; thus, the fallacy. We are as ephemeral as our monuments (and values). Science will overturn bad ideas (and monuments). We rather need books about the people (or their own words written), not statues of them. When knowledge comes (through reason) then we can cart away statues (like J.St. and Joe Paterno- how’s that for a pair of fallen icons?).

    • Iconoclasm failed and fails again because people need images of their values, ideas and especially of their saints. What did not work in the 9th century will not work today.

  2. Duh. Couple of hooligans have broke into a church yelling something they thought was important, got arrested, judged and imprisoned by the law made by government elected by the majority of the people, most of which agree with the judgement.
    Some morons think that being rebellious is cool and elegant these days. They didn’t sign up petitions, didn’t apply for political job, they went out and put some sacks on bronze heads.
    The other people didn’t like that government for a certain reason. They spread the word of injustice happening around. And people who always were loyal, were listen. And believed. And hated.

  3. And by the way. There were some activist dudes who intimidated some journalists to take off pussy riot support shirts. Still didn’t hear a word about it in the western media.

  4. Some of these statues are war monuments. Vandalising them has nothing to do with politics or freedom, it is downright disrespectfull. It is disrespectfull to the memory, to the dead, to the survivors, and to your own grandparents.

  5. What is funny is that “Pussy Riot” is not written except in the comments !
    Russians are afraid of a bunch of bad musicians girls ?
    Hahaha !

  6. These talantless attention seekers “P.R.” finaly got what they wanted, worldwide fame… now get it off the news, I’m tired of hearing about it every single day.

  7. You know one thing about Russia, they always seem to have Statues, ‘Dark’ statues, statues that speak of supression of anyone not of the same mind. Oriented towards simple people rallying behind the appearance of strength. Most of the time the statues have one arm raised in a mob gathering gesture. I wonder what the youth thinks of these relics of the dark past.

    • “…one thing about Russia, they always seem to have Statues, ‘Dark’ statues…”

      If you think that fighting back and winning over the Nazis -at a terrible cost- doesn’t deserve a statue, please let me know what could do it.

  8. In the Soviet Union the communist party leaders where playing with the law and no we have Putin and Gundyaeev to follow the patern

  9. This monument is put in honor of the peoples resistance fighters – guerillas, irregular non-uniformed detachments who were fighting nazi invadors in the rural territories. Most of those noble and brave men and women had their friends and relatives burned alive with their whole villages. The losses were comparable or even higher then those of Holocaust. The monument is a respected simbol of peoples resistance. Mocking their memory is low and immoral. Though such way of disprespect is a feature of such a trash like vagina (pus) riot and their followers. …And the gun is not of Thompson – its a Soviet PPSh SMG.

  10. The irony is that the Communist exterminated hundreds of thousands of their own army. Stalin’s PURGES of officers and anyone he thought was a threat (anyone). Stalin/Hitler same ideology…

    • @MAC: Hitler exterminated millions and wanted to exterminate many more, from many creeds and nations. Soviets paid the biggest price in recorded history to defeat this loonie. But in the weird planet you live, that didn’t happen.

  11. It is interesting that Pussy Riot is only mentioned in the comments section. It is also interesting that no one yet has made a comment like “The men and women honoured in these statues fought against oppression, like the oppresion that has been dished out to Pussy Riot.”

    • These girls won’t do nothing against “oppression” of the Russians because FEMEN are Ukrainian nationalists. They don’t give a damn about Russians or their freedom.

      You’re mixing oil and water.

  12. I can’t imagine Pussy Riot doing the same things in a christian church in Alabama or in the fanatic US Mid West or Deep South.

    They would be burned alive and no one would know -or say- what happened to them.

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