4 thoughts on “Labor Day In 1958”

  1. Interesting pictures of Murmansk. The Industrial Revolution fundamentally changed humanity by urbanizing it and creating the mode of living through the parameters of time. Before, humans only followed sunrise and sunset; afterwards, clocks became a vital instrument in human existence. One needed to know exactly what time it was (how many minutes to beer-thirty?, for example)

  2. Impossible for us bought up in the west to relate to the closing comment,
    “Just look at those faces! It seems that the holiday united people and each could feel as a tiny part of a big event”.
    As my family were forced to flee Hungary in 56′ it’s difficult to understand what these people are celebrating. The same I suppose when you see Americans or British celebrating their system, ask an Iraqi or Afghan how they feel. State and politics attempts to destroy our brotherhood by reducing us to ignorant adversaries.


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