20 thoughts on “This Tu 22M3 Will Not Fly Anywhere Now [20 photos]”

  1. Once superior to anything the fascist western powers could come up with, today obsolete. Russia is building new aircraft’s and are moving on, so should you. Still, beautiful planes…

  2. To be fair, their condition probably wasn’t a whole lot better in soviet times.

    “What are you complaining about? You still have five good tires!”

    • Those bombers were demobilized through one of the arms reduction treaties. Same as the hundreds of B52’s rusting in Arizona.

  3. I got tired of this page cries and images of the abandoned buildings and vehicles.
    There a lot of them left from Soviet Union that in the new political and economical situation doesn´t need nobody.
    In the Soviet Union the military costs were hugely inflated, all that bunkers, vehicles in that cuantitties are ridiculous to maintain now.

  4. Backfires. NATO was scared crapless of this when I was in the USAF, back in the early 1980s. It’s a shame to seem them treated so poorly.

    • I remember those days. The Soviets maintained that the Backfire was a medium-size, medium-range antishipping bomber, but we the American public were told by the Reagan administration that it was an intercontinental strategic bomber and we had to build the B1 to counter it. Of course that was a baldfaced lie: it takes a big plane to get intercontinental range, as we saw when the Soviets did finally deploy an intercontinental jet bomber just before the USSR collapsed. Just another lie, like the Tonkin Gulf incident, Saddam Hussein massing tanks at the Saudi border, Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Iranian Nuclear Bomb, etc.

      • 1) Iranians admit they are developing a nuclear weapons program.
        2) Saddam did have WMD. Britain just announced they are removing the last of the stockpiles last week.
        3) And any fool can see burned out, destroyed Iraqi tanks destroyed by US Marine armor that advanced toward the Saudi border were they remain today.

        • Ironic name you use.

          1) Iranians admit they are developing a nuclear program, NOT a nuclear WEAPONS program. The west has been unable to produce any evidence of any nuclear weapons programs in Iran.

          2) Saddam did NOT have WMD. If he did, surely atleast one would have been found after a decade of searching. They never existed, just a fabrication for the West to invade Iraq.

  5. From my time in the US Navy during the Cold War it isn’t sad for me to see Backfires in poor condition. It gives me a warm and fuzzy.

  6. Either they were demobilized through one of the arms reduction treaties or the Russians couldn’t afford to use them any more.

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