5 thoughts on “Hot Water Floods the House”

  1. I have come to the conclusion that there are NO licensed trades in Russia. A few rubles to the local comisar and ‘POOF’ you’re a plumber!

  2. It’s like a world without professional contractors. Light switch panels are all crooked, paint and wall paper are done by people without experience, cracks in walls persist without attempts at repair. I was even in an elevator where the walls had mostly eroded from the floor. That ride was scarier than any roller coaster/amusement ride I’ve ever been on. At the same time, I’ve seen the interiors of some apartments that are so ornate and beautiful that they put most American’s homes to shame. I guess making the inside beautiful is a way to compensate for the ugly exterior and stairwells.

  3. Are the goverment/local politics heating the homes there with hot water and now it’s summer there and everything is set of in the homes ,the presure get’s to high,and they have no good end point,to control that or something??
    I mean u do not gonna tell me that it’s piss from citizens there that is boiling?

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