26 thoughts on “Russian Pilot In Africa”

    • Oh my god, cant you sleep at night cause yoou know, some ones sending them Guns?? Who cares? Some of those guys cut pieces of theyr enemies and lett dem rot, female cheaters are going to die in fire alive!! ,…..and you are worried about guns,…

  1. Why do you guys always censor this s*it.. I understand if it was some sluts or some attention w*ore, but I can assure to you that most English Russia are respectable audience. Because if we want porn we would go find porn ok ? There is no need to cover up all this you guys pissed me off.. this is considered art and it’s how these people live everyday bare naked and freely. Stop censoring this s*it. I dont know how to make it more clearer to you guys. If i want porn I know tons of porn sites I come here for art and true life! get it ?

  2. So showing blood and guts is okay, but human genitals and breasts need to be censored? Oh that’s right, Russia was once a totalitarian state. Guess Russia still isn’t over that yet.

  3. A shame that they killed the leopard. It is really a shame. I am also asking myself for what the primitive black tribal warriors need the weapons?

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