38 thoughts on “Young Gangstas”

    • Old russian gang tattoo signifying you are a captain, or local leader… it has run into disuse though, because kids and wannabes start wearing it.

  1. There is nothing good in their eyes. People without future and love. I dont want to meet these people somewhere in the street…

  2. You guys need to import some darker skinned criminals, the US jails can send some. The NAACP might file charges for not having equal representation.

  3. No chance to focus them on National army training or boxing gym. Leaving them to stew together like that probably isn’t very good. They have probably lacked opportunities in their lives and will just cost the state more if they continue like this in a life of crime. Get them out canoeing, abseiling, climbing and into the gym etc – give them a chance to realize for themselves that they each have potential and are not worthless. Programs like this really don’t cost a lot compared with the long term costs of dealing with greater crimes rates. It’s not a silver bullet and many won’t thrive on finding new potential within themselves, but if you can save half of them your winning. Prison in and of itself is a retrograde step everywhere, it’s archaic and breeds more criminality.

  4. There should be a included description or some wiki on the meaning of the tatoos they have.

    It all seems a bit gay if you ask me though =/

  5. the tattooed stars on both knees means:

    “i will never get on my knees face to the justice”

    then, simply, why don’t they get sent to jail straight away?

  6. The short lives these children have had so far have probably been void of any love from their drug ridden alcoholic child abusing parents, If they even know who their parents are. It is quite obvious they find a commonality with their “friends” at places like these. They all come from the same place in one way or another. I hope some of these young men can make it out of this dead-end lifestyle. Too many young people given up on so early in life. Shame. Some of these children didn’t have a chance from their conception. “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go” William Feather

    • No, it isn’t our future, it’s mean to say so. Tell me, don’t you have prison in USA (I guess you are from there, aren’t you?)?

      • My dear Elen…it is the stubid way American people grew up…always the Russian are bad people and Americans the good ones…you can see it from their movies and comics…

  7. stage one: get ratted on and go to prison
    stage two: do national service and learn to kill
    stage three: form new, cohesive group
    stage four: make money, lots of it

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