7 thoughts on “Video Selection, Part XIV”

    • banditrider: ROFL, LMFAO, LOL, cough, splutter. He’s missing the pierced nipple and the tattoos. Anyone from outside the UK should look up “Club reps” TV programme on youtube

  1. This Russian vodka addict trying to attract attention of the operator with stupid jokes and flat humor. And threatens to smash a head if someone would call him a fool.

    • yes ….. Fedor Emelianenko silly drink 1 liter of vodka and enters the ring to beat the black monkeys and drunken Russian flew in space! America is even more foolish if running after a drunk Russian secrets! You have all the scientists from Europe and Russia! Real America is a stupid farmer and bandit from Europe! Who are you working McDonalds? sit silent!!

  2. ooh, sht….that very moment when being a patriot is a shame. but everyone must understand, that judging the whole nation by videos with a drunk man is unreason.
    …by the way, Fedor Emelianenko spent long years of hardworking trainings before his legendary victories. Igor, don`t be a fool.

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