4 thoughts on “The Island of Birds”

  1. If you’ve ever been near a rookery of fish-eating birds the first thing that hits you is the incredible stench. Looking at pictures is much better.

  2. The Earth beauty always has been on the shores of any Ocean or Sea island: I wish all governments of any country; that realized, been there the world start. The reason I’m saying that: because a few thousands of years ago; where we have land, used to be Ocean, and now the world going to get a new transformation from the evolutions point of view. I real know that: but for the ones without such knowledge, do not understand that. When you don’t know; just keep that way, otherwise you going to get many headaches. I done just many investigations; and came to conclusions with physics knowledge that was and going to be again. But what could wipe civilizations could be Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, inclusive also Power Plants of Energy Nuclear. I wish could be a completely destructions of all of them Anything made by Nature are marvelous; and the fauna and birds or any other animals around most islands, are a pleasure of looking into without thatches, and leave Nature grow by themselves. I would like one day to meet Vladmir Putin; he is a strange man, because his knowledge and likes are based in Nature, the problem he is and have many positions. I read many things about him; the hunting which more for the sports I believe, and he also loves under water too. He have a taught job now, life not just pleasure, but responsibility too. The reason I mention about him; it’s because Nature in Earth are in real dangers, and I hope he understand even more then I do. 08/08/2012! By A.Oscar

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