22 Hummer Burned to the Ground

Hummer Burned to the Ground

  Guy sets on fire a Hummer car of someone else, right in the middle of the day with
people walking around. Escaped unnoticed. Almost.      
5 The Land of Bears

The Land of Bears

Kurilsk lake is famous not only with its wonderful landscapes and surrounding volcanoes, but also with the demographic situation of bears which is very good as there are plenty of the animals here. This is where one can get a clear
understanding that a bear is not a fluffy toy but a dangerous predator and doesn't kill people only because there is an abundance of tested and safe food around. As soon as the food is over, no person can be saved.
37 Soviet City of Belarus

Soviet City of Belarus

Bobruisk is a city in Belarus. The place had been inhabited by people since the fifth-sixth centuries. The city was first mentioned in 1387 as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1792 it became part of the Russian
Empire and was included into the borders of Belarus in 1795. Today it is actually the largest city in the country. The photos made in the Soviet epoch show what the life in the city at those times was like.
10 Life In The Middle Of A Lake

Life In The Middle Of A Lake

Lake Baikal is a wonderful place that looks mighty both in winter and in summer. It is the oldest lake in the world that was there 25
million years ago and is 744,4 m deep. No other deeper lake can be found in the world. Let us visit the place and enjoy its beauty.
1 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part V

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part V

Cars whose actions cannot be predicted on a road, crane falling on the construction site, drivers who always hurry up and do not like being behind,
streets of Kazan where in a rainy season one can sail by boat, people who are trying to cross a newly repaired road - in the video selection today.
0 Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

The Russian "Rus" aerobatics team flying by L-39 jet planes which is one of the best in the world and is one of top-ten world aerobatics teams. The scenario of their shows is always the same: the planes come from nowhere, perform
graceful and complex tricks and disappear suddenly leaving lost in admiration spectators alone. But what work precedes the performance and what happens behind the curtain? We'll try to answer the question today.

3 Russians For the Venice Biennale

Russians For the Venice Biennale

A cool idea was realized by the Russians and presented at the Venice Biennale, the thirteenth International Architecture Exhibition. Specially for the event an original dome was built, the walls inside of it are all
covered with periodically glowing QR-codes (quick response codes enciphering some visual information). All visitors are given tablet PCs that help to decipher the codes and see the images hidden this way.

3 Chilling Out In Summer

Chilling Out In Summer

Why stay in a large steam-room as Moscow in summer? A trip to the Kola peninsula may chill you out. We gonna join the
guys who did exactly this way - went along the Kola peninsula for new impressions, for fish and fresh wind.
15 Bathhouse of the Old Times

Bathhouse of the Old Times

Wealthy men in old Russia (as old as the beginning of the last century) liked to go to a bathhouse in a nice men's company (nothing gay or straight about this). But those bathhouses were pretty
much different from those Russia has today. One of those luxury bathhouses, one of brothers Yegorovs, in the beginning of the twentieth century is here on the photos today
17 Moscow Special Forces At Work

Moscow Special Forces At Work

Moscow special forces at work:  how they aim, what weapons and cars they use, what they wear, how they disguise, what they do to remain unnoticed.
Tough guys in combat situations and at the rare moments caught on the photos. See how order is brought back when something goes wrong...

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