22 thoughts on “Atmospheric Photographs of Stalingrad”

  1. My city looked the same after the big war. Remember when my grandmother used to say whatever you wanted to do in the city, even going out for a straw, you were walking among ruins, dead bodies of people, children, cats, dogs etc.

  2. Still destroyed soviet city 3 years after war like battle was 2 days before. Quality and speed works of the soviet empire is amazing 🙂

    • After losing almost 20 Million People and fighting back (and winning) against the best army in the world for 4 years, I think you can give them some slack.

      • What a shame that this slack was there long long after war. Russian cities looked terrible a destroyed after war very long. So?

        • Given the scale of destruction and deaths, Soviets took a relative short time in recovering. Shame? 12 years after 1945 they launched Sputnik to space! The Soviet Union became a Super Power after WWII… I guess you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • You forgot that there were other hundreds of villages, towns and cities in the same condition. Whole industry was targeted to military production. Limited workforce due to huge loss of lives. Three years is not enough to bring everything back to the original condition.

      • Tell me, why this soviet cities where still looking destroyed in 1960s compared to german (west-german) cities which where also destroyed during war and were completely rebuild? It is not therefore, that soviet communism simply didnt work? And capitalism did?

    • Soviet union was a large country, left with not just 2 or 3 cities but hundreds and thousands of cities and vilages in ruins, and with 20+ million less working hands to rebuild them… So I don’t find your wiseguy remark appropriate.

    • Several years after 1945, the area around Stalingrad was still covered with decaying bodies, bones and skulls sticking out of mud etc. Before voroncevitch gets hysterical again, the info comes from memoirs of a Soviet journalist whose name I cannot remember right now.

      • Yeah, typical for russians. No culture, No humanity..bodies and bones lying all over area long after war. Nobody cares there….

      • @Czenda

        Of course, you cannot remember. Tell me more about what this “Soviet” journalist wrote in his memoirs.

        Is that the best you have, memoirs of a journalist? There are plenty of others who have written about rebuilding Stalingrad and plenty of photos too.

  3. Always good to see photos of the cowardly Nazi dogs,getting their just desserts in Mother Russia.It warms the cockles of my heart,so it does.

  4. Twenty-seven million Soviet citizens and countless villages perished to drive out the Nazi invaders. USSR people showed great courage and endurance, under appalling conditions. I’ve read many books on Stalingrad. Sculpture of dancing children against the backdrop of burning Rail station very moving. I’m American. My uncle dropped bombs on Germany, my dad fought in the Pacific. Soviets saved thousands of US & UK lives by tying up Nazi forces. We owe USSR a huge debt of gratitude , no matter what your politics.

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