Video Selection, Part VI

Video Selection, Part VI

What’s happening on Russian roads?


Maneuvers on the way from Ussuriysk to Vladivostok.


Driver of the ambulance car seems to have saved the people’s lives…


“Oka” has to be afraid of a sleeping policeman.


Surprise for a woman-driver…


Boats and yachts on a rainy day.

2 thoughts on “Video Selection, Part VI”

  1. Obviously, it is a Russian idiosyncrasy to set up a camera in the front windshield and filming the road being traveled. In other countries, that place is usually occupied by a Garmin or TomTom car navigation device.

    I wonder when and why this fashion took up: most videos must be insanely boring. Or perhaps there is so much happening on Russian roads that the probability of catching some eventful occurrence is really high?

    • Camera in the front windshield need to prove innocence in the accident, because without it you may be found guilty in accident. Video is valid in court. More on Russian roads, there are people who can substitute your car in jeopardy. Сameras are very helpful to Russian drivers!


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