10 thoughts on “Photo Exhibition of Soviet Photos”

  1. “…everybody celebrates the first of May.” (except reactionaries, monarchists, fascists, capitalists, war-loving generals, nationalists, imperialists, non-unionists, the religulous, the unread, and bourgeois suburb-dwellers in their gated communities.)

    • Very good list (r)evolutionist, but what are the religulous. I’m thinking you might mean the the religious. But I cant even see a Chinese or a black kid in the picture.

    • Who celebrates May Day? Atheists, mass murderers of their own people, criminal union organizations originated from mob, thieves who made it to the government. Very long list ma continue.

      • Ye ye, we’re progressists, resistances, uprisings revolutions, human rights, social, démocratie, equality…

        Some horrible things for you.

        No rage.

        Admit directly your inheritance of reactionary.

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