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    • Because the president the agent of the USA!
      It simulates progress of the country!
      All the western media tell fairy tales
      That Georgia rich!
      But Georgia very poor and at it is a lot of debts

    • I was about to say, this definately provides some contrast to the archetectural wet dream buildings that the Georgian government is putting up.

      • hey guys it’s impossible to rebuild a country in 10 years when this country has gone trough civil war, war in abkhazia, in south osetia, then through revolution, and after all of these Georgia fought with it’s kind, lovely, ten (or even more) times bigger country, with it’s “big brother” – Ruslan! So please be objective (however, it’s impossible for you – russians to be objective. I don’t think that people who believ fairy tales like movie “08.08.08” can’t be objective) when you are criticizing something, or somebody!

        • Lol. So we are the ones who aren’t being “objective”? And all because of a movie? How about Five Days of August. A completely true, factual and also completely unbiased depiction of events, isn’t it? Lol.

          • Unfortunately, author of previous comment won’t see this comment of mine, but I’ll answer him anyway:
            You know “5 Days Of August” is belles-lettres and “08.08.08” is called “documentary”! I agree that “5 Days Of August” is low quality movie and it doesn’t worth any penny.I recommend you to watch movie: “Lessons of Russian” it’s directed by russian director, Andrey Nekrasov, and it is a documentary!

            • LMAO at you. Nekrasov? Really? That jerk is known for having a clean record of being unbiased when it come to anything to with the government. And seeing as I have two buddies who were sent to Abkahzia, so I’d rather trust their version of events than that of Nekrasov and his wife.

              Find someone else to try and “make him see the light”. Cheers.

              • Oh,just as I said! it’s impossible for you to be objective! You are taking after your “government” you are trying to justify goddamn putin and his bloody crimes! talking to you is just a wasting time! You know I have nothing against russians, I love russian songs, russian, literature and I still hope that honesty will wake up in you and our nations will stick together again, but, at first you must recognize that abkhazia, samachablo (s.osetia) and 2008 were crime commited by your beloved government!

                • Lol. Who’s being objective here? You think that it was Russia that started the war? All based on Nekrasov’s documentary? Lol. Nekrasov? Thats enough said about how much you know about Russia. And yet you are the objective one of the two of us. Lol.

                  Lol. And what about this “honesty” that you hope will “wake up” in me? By honesty surely, you don’t mean Nekrasov and his anti-Putin propaganda. Lol.

                  Like I said, I have friends who did go to Abkhazia, (although they didn’t fight, just among the reinforcements). Give me something better than Nekrasov or Shaakashvili’s version of events, (which contradict just about everyone else. Give me some facts, as opposed to the “witnesses” gathered by Nekrasov and his wife.

                • I’m just going to take my own advice, and give YOU some facts. Almost all the reports by the UN, the EU and the OSCE find GEORGIA responsible for starting the war. It’s not like Russian troops snuck Grads behind Georgian lines, and then fired on Tshinkvali and the JPKF.

                  So, you –tard, tell me more about how “abkhazia, samachablo (s.osetia) and 2008 were crime commited by my beloved government.”

                • Objective my arse. You are the one recommending Nekrasov to me of all people, you are the one who’s blinded by either Russophobia or Putin-phobia or whatever, you are the one who’s made up your mind that it was Russia that somehow started hostilities, AND you refuse to hear any evidence to the contrary. So much for being “objective”.

    • At least Detroit has and had the coolest music scene-Tbilisi is filled with hardened ugly Georgians. I hate America first but Detroit has some really cool people and I am starting to hate Georgia just as much and I speak three beautiful languages already wtf would I waste my time learning a dead language that is ludicrous.

  1. One thing I don’t understand. Why are the 90% of photos in this collection old people and poor neighborhoods? There are people living in extreme conditions all over the world. I understand if the title of the collection was “poverty in Georgia” but if these are just normal photos why capture the “old” and “destroyed” and not the “young” and “renovated?”

  2. georgian people today? seriously? in all the pictures there are poor and old people, damaged buildings e.t.c. someone who has never been in georgia will think that the whole country is so poor and damaged. but there are poor people in every nation and country, not just in georgia. this article gives everyone the wrong idea of georgia and georgian people. and if you want to know, NO this is not what whole georgia and it’s people looks like. there definitely are poor people but why show only poverty? where there are many young and beutiful people, beautiful buildings, streets e.t.c. so, no this is not what georgia looks like so stop giving people wrong idea of it. Georgia is a very beautiful country and if anyone wants to know what it really looks like you should just visit it.

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