13 thoughts on “When the Whole Life Just Floats Away, Part II”

  1. My town was the same. A heartbreaking smelly mess to clear away. We even had looters that went and stole things that were not damaged.

    Verontsevich you are right about its not so simple to move to a different area. My town has been flooded like that twice, but where do we all go, and how would we all do that.

    • In Krasnodar (and in your town) its floods.

      I come from an agricultural town. We don’t worry much about floods (in fact I don’t think the town’s been hit by any sort of flooding, bar the occasional heavy rain and subsequent puddles, in living memory). Might sound very safe in comparison to this, (flooding shown in the pictures) but when the occasional drought/heatwave comes in, it wrecks the towns economy. But that doesn’t mean we should pack up and leave. We just dump the ruined crops and start over again. It’s life.

  2. Pretty soon we wont get to see pictures like this. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57466592-38/russias-internet-blacklist-looms-in-freedom-crackdown/?tag=txt;related

    • Thats very thoughtful of you. On a post about a flood which caused a 150+ deaths, you go blabbing about internet censorship (which we are not used to, because ER is known for its uncensored content).

      Talking about thoughtfulness, are the liberation armies of the west going to park a few carriers off our shores and bring us democracy, freedom and human rights, one JDAM or predator strike at time?

      • Obama won’t, but the next Republican might want to play another little game like Bush did with that idiot in Georgia- was it Sakashvili?

    • Well Kilroy, I hope you enjoy our American freedoms to have every single keystroke monitored, and if found unsatisfactory,to be taken in off the middle of the night be unidentified men, ‘rendered’ to parts unknown, never to be seen again. Patriot Act, baby!

  3. my heart and soul goes out for russians and their motherland. Keep ur spirits up, that’s all i can say…

  4. Now why bother wiping that laptop screen off?

    Capitalism doesn’t have floods. (just kidding, that was for revolutionist)

    Floods can be bad, but also good. You should not live in a flood plain. It’s that simple.

    We used to have some of the most fertile land in the world in the USA, then they rerouted the river, put up damns to control it and stop the flooding.

    That stopped the silt that made the land fertile. Without that, we now have to rely heavily on artificial nutrients like fertilizer from petroleum. Which spills into the Gulf of Mexico, causing “dead zones” and all kinds of problems.

    Sorry, but better to leave the river to mother nature, she’s going to do what she wants anyway, and just not live there. Or, if you do, pay the price for it.

    (same for living next to the ocean, as in Florida. If you live there, you better have storm insurance, if you don’t, I don’t want to hear about it when you get wiped out. Feel bad for ya, but that’s it.)

    • I read once that those dams have about a hundred-year useful life that they’re coming to the end of, and they won’t be replaced, too expensive.

  5. I agree, the one thing that photos of floods will never convey is the absolutely horrible smell. Hopefully these people will be able to rebuild and get on with their lives, as well as find a way to dyke the river to minimise the impact the next time it happens.

  6. The liley cause of all this extreme weather – static mianders in the northern jetsream. In 2009/10 dramatic flooding and Pakistan and extreme heat waves in Russia were caused by the same thing. One dragged moisture off the Indian ocean and that turned to heavy rain when it condensed over the Himalia. The other sucked very hot air from North Africa and dumped it over Russia. Still today the jet stream over central Europe remains shifted further south / east than we are used to – expect similar climatic changes to effect us all for some time I’m afraid. Over in the US jetstream shifts and mianders are causing havoc as well. Our existing infrastructures are not designed to cope, so we need to adapt to survive. My heart goes out to everyone effected by extreme weather right now – but we must realise that we are in for the long haul folks.

  7. Over on Daily Kos somebody posted about a kind of plastic-coated sand that absorbs CO2, then gives it up again at 700 degrees fahrenheit; do that ten times a day and the stuff sequesters 40% of its WEIGHT in CO2 daily. $200 billion, Global Warming problem solved.

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