8 thoughts on “Soviet Fashion 1946”

  1. I am by no means an expert on fashion but in my opinion, many of the designs look great even today! A few of them look very much out-of-date however.

    • It also looks like they’re advertising dresses that could be more practical for the weather there.

      I guess the difference between national and global fashion ideas is; the designers focus on what’s new for the season of where their costumers are. Whereas Global fashion retail assumes that if it’s sunny in California/Thailand/any hot climate, then it’s sunny everywhere else. So it explains why they suddenly change to revealing and short dresses in March, even if most of europe is still raining and windy.

    • haha, I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the pictures.
      One day you buy a nice dress and you’re happy you found it, the next day you get deported – so why buying.

  2. Ah yes. Women as they are supposed to look. No duck faces, no plastic tits, no gargantuan butts. Just beautiful girls in lovely dresses ready to serve their man and household. God I miss those days.

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