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  1. Along with Soviet-built tanks, I see British-built machines and four USA-built tanks – two M2 tanks, 1 M3 tank and an M4 Sherman tank.

  2. 6th and 8th from bottom are in Poznan, Poland, if someone is interested.

    The OT-34 was destroyed somewhere near current AWF (Sport Academy), but I don’t remember the name of the street.

    The IS-2 was destroyed on Kaponiera Roundabout near the place where Mercury Hotel stands now by the only German Tiger tank used in Poznan (its story was told by gunner Richard Siegert in his book “Tiger from Poznan”), along with one more IS-2 and two T-34s. I’m not sure how many tanks it destroyed, but extensive fire from its gun decalibrated the aiming sights; the day after that ambush on Kaponiera R. it missed two “flame tanks” (either OT-34 or some T-26 based vehicle).

    Last year I was looking for places in Poznan where AFVs of both sides were destroyed. Here are some examples:
    wormwoodthestar.deviantart.com/art/Wrecks-of-Poznan-I-210659089 <- T-34 destroyed in front of Kaiser Castle
    http://wormwoodthestar.deviantart.com/art/Wrecks-of-Poznan-VI-Zveroboy-261162561 <- ISU-152 knocked out in front of Rail Management bureau
    http://wormwoodthestar.deviantart.com/art/Wrecks-of-Poznan-II-212703915 <- Panther tank disabled by IS-2 in Wilda district

  3. PLEASE label these photos!

    I would love to know SOMETHING about the early bolt-and-rivet tanks, the halftracks…

    It is absolutely maddening not to have any information!

  4. Page 2, 6th photo. Very interesting photo showing captured soviet IS-2 tank used by germans for defence of the town Znojmo (Czech republic) in 1945. Note that the tank has no track and is half digged and fortiefied in the middle of the road, waiting for comming soviets troops.

    • Idiot, Korea was 1950’s,almost 10 years after these photos,N.Korea had surplus Soviet ex WW2 tanks whilst US had most up to date tanks. Soviets never gave T54/55 to Korea.

      • ricsi, you are wrong. True the N. Koreans (Chinese) used ex-Soviet T34-85 from WW2, but the primary tank used by the US was the M4 (76mm) Sherman tank, also from WW2. There were few tank battles in Korea, but head to head the M4 beat the T34.

  5. The two T-34’s wrecked in photo 003-29 were captured by the Germans and reused. The turret top cupola is the German style cupola which was mounted when the Germans renovated the units.

    • No, this is the raised commander cupola of 1943 manufactored T-34/76 with Uralmash turret. This cupola was used on t-34/85s later

  6. Is there any real , honest WW2 russian histories of tank losses , recovery and removing casualties form said tanks ?. Not wanting to read patriotic political yap…just soldiers having to do their brutal jobs in these regards.

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