19 thoughts on “The Barracks Of Stalin”

  1. It would be interesting to see what they are like on the inside. Some of them look rather nice on the exterior

    Photos six and seven look much like some of the lodges and ‘camp’ resorts in Northern Ontario and Quebec for hunting and fishing.

  2. All of the buildings would look nice if restored. About the interior, i’ve seen some other ER articles about old houses, so I can assume the interior of these barracks will probably be lacking restoration. Probably it’s too expensive to the house owners to pay for the repairs, but I don’t recall reading about RF government programs for building restoration that actually work.

  3. It reminds me of wooden houses build for soviet construction workers il late 40s. They came to build one of those soviet style scyscrapers (palace of Culture and Youth) in Warsaw. After they left for 60 years those houses were used by students as dorm and only few years they moved to new ones. It has its atmosphere but certainly it wasnt good place to live, particularly in winter.

  4. Damn they are ugly and frighting!
    they have even the extra option: made from the best asbestos!
    tear them down and make beutiful buldings instead

  5. Good houses, beautiful architecture. Much better than sleeping under old copies of Washington post near the local crack house in the states…

  6. Most of them are extremely poorly maintained and they are crumbling down. But I have seen a couple of them that look great outside and inside because some people are handy and can repair and maintain them. But most of the people just sit and wait for the government to send someone to fix them.

  7. While the buildings of Stalin’s time may look old, from Moscow to Riga those brick buildings of the era are regarded as near-choice structures because of the quality of building in Stalin’s time.

    Faulty builders or people who used substandard materials were shot or exiled.

  8. And where’s the bad point about living in these “barracks”?? This is the real and traditional russian architecture.

    • This is traditional russian architecture: http://fictionbook.ru/static/bookimages/00/20/04/00200495.bin.dir/h/i_008.jpg
      I must say, its different in different regions of Russia.

  9. Yes, many of these housed made in Stalin time. They meant to be temporary buildigs and must be replaced with way better buildings, but war and then Stalin`s death broke all this plans.
    I must say, before russian revolution, many russians dont have good place to live at all, even like this houses.
    Many of russians in the start of 20 century are very poor peasants, who dont have money for new clothes.
    In other hand, russian elite have very costly castles or cottages. Contrast is giantic.

  10. Russians shoud be proud to have these shelters in the seventies of last century, I request you people to come and see how millions live in the slums in Mumbai, India, in the 21st century

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