German Captivity Propaganda

German Captivity Propaganda

Let’s see what propaganda was used by Germans in order Russians yield themselves prisoners.

German Captivity Propaganda

Head of the Russian liberation movement

“Bolshevism will die, Russian people will live”

“Stalin’s death will save Russia!”

German Captivity Propaganda

Propagandist of the Russian liberation army working with Soviet prisoners. Novorossiysk, 1943

German Captivity Propaganda

Parting with brother-volunteer of the 14th SS division, Western Ukraine, May, 1944

German Captivity Propaganda

German agitation in the streets of the Soviet occupied city.

German Captivity Propaganda

“Stalin’s death will save Russia!”

“One pass permitting to enter the territory of the German troops can be used by an unlimited number of soldiers and commanders! The order of Stalin about prosecution of the families coming over to our side cannot be executed. The German command does not publish lists of captives. So do not be afraid of Stalin’s intimidation.”

“The German officers will welcome, feed and employ you”. You can enter without a pass too and be guaranteed a warm welcome anyway.”

German Captivity Propaganda

“Not just life but paradise…”

German Captivity Propaganda

The Crimea – “Give up, further confrontation has no sense!”

German Captivity Propaganda

“The bearer of the pass unwilling meaningless bloodshed leaves the Red Army and comes over to the German side being sure he’ll get a kind treatment”.

“If you are injured you’ll get first aid from German doctors”.

“Why shed your blood for nothing? Follow the example of your friends: Come peacefully to our side!”

“War is over for you and your friends. You are going to the rear”.

German Captivity Propaganda

“Follow the example of your friends.” “Read and let others read too!”

German Captivity Propaganda

Rules for defectors.

German Captivity Propaganda

Agitation for pilots of the Red Army. “Come fly to our side!” “Jewish Bolshevist propaganda about the atrocious treatment of the captives is a mere lie so typical for a Jewish tongue!” “Your pilot landing on the German territory should not be afraid of torture and shoot himself.”

German Captivity Propaganda

“You are sent to die! Save your life! Friendly attitude to the former enemy! Friends, you are safe here! There are no obstacles for the German Army, any further confrontation is a senseless bloodshed!”

German Captivity Propaganda

German Captivity Propaganda

“Soldier! Look behind! Who controls you? Who sends you to die?”

German Captivity Propaganda

“You are encircled! But you still have a way out! Come to the German side, save your lives for the motherhood!”

German Captivity Propaganda

“Come to our side! No pass is needed! Everyone is welcome!”

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  1. In reality, germans do not threat russian soldiers as normal POW. They killed as many of our soldiers, as they can, even if they surrender.
    They used many russian POW for unhuman medical experiments in their concentration camps.
    You can search the Net for Nazi crimes aganist russian prisoners.
    They even killed captured Stalin`s son, Yakov.
    And that “Russian Liberation Army” – army of cowards and traitors, covered itself with shame.
    Main thraitor, Vlasov, and his followers, punished in end.

    • Hitlers Nephew died in a jewish concentration camp, huh?
      the medical experiments are fairy tales just like the holocaust.

      • Oh. That’s pretty rich. Did you know there are hundreds of photographical evidence? Archaeologists today are also still finding mass graves of jewish and polish people from WWII. And much of our knowledge of hypothermia and sterilisation came from nazi experiments.

        Or else I assume all those mass graves, experiment papers and photographs just magically appeared by themselves.

        • Ok,what about the photos of:
          The football fields in Birkenau?
          The Swimmingpool?
          The Theater?
          Their own Currency inside the camp?
          Barbers and dental medical services?
          Bar Mitzvahs?
          All that was necessary to exterminate people????

          visit – -to see it by yourself

          • One of the drawbacks of unlimited free speech is that one can make a web site that says just about anything and nobody can legally take it down.

            Of course, this doesn’t mean that anyone else has to listen to your natterings. Your right to free speech does not place any obligation on anybody else to take you seriously in the slightest.

          • Let me say, boy, one simple thing.
            if someone is telling you something, it’s not necessarily true.
            There might be a swimming pool in a prison, but it doesn’t necessarily means that it is there for the inmates, right?
            Don’t let the facts switch off your comprehension.

            • That’s quite nice to enjoy a bath in your sparetime next to barb wire,watch towers and prisoners.
              So the totenkopf SS needed jewish dentists for their own staff?
              a jewish theater for their entertainment?
              i doubt that the Staff had enough men and non-jewish viewers for a football match on a 100x60m field.i guess some places in the camp were unattended during matches.
              and of course elie wiesel is the only holocaust survivor without a tattoo and all the claims of blood fountains and obese women as burning accelerants are true.the wannseekonferenz planned the holocaust.instead of using more effienct VX, Sarin or Tarbun they used the explosive,intoxicating by touching corpses pesticide zyklon B “to hide evidence” in chase of loosing the war.what a joke.
              the National socialists had nothing to loose, why hide it?

      • Hitlers Nephew (from his brother and Irish woman)Joined the US army Marines core and fought Hitler, he hated him.
        Initially he tried to Join British army, then Canadian.
        After the war he married a German woman and changed his family name to Hiler, his 2 sons changed the family name again and both swore to NOT have any children to kill the Hitlers family line, till this day they dont have any kids.
        Hes a hero, unlike his filthy unlce

  2. blah blah dont give me taht bul**hit.. stalins son was treated with high respect, he was shot when he tried to escape. get your facts straight.

    • Haha, thats bs. You know, in many camps, when the campguards were bored, they just threw the cap of an inmate in the “security zone” (if they stepped in that zone they were shot or arrested), and told them to get it or they would be shot. When the inmate tried to go in the zone and pick it up, the same guards would shoot him and send a letter to his family stating that he was shot when trying to escape?

      Many holocaust/concentrationcamp survivors know this story and witnessed such happenings a lot of times.

  3. Half true about WWII. Soviet army were the same bad like German army. RONA, 14 SS Division (ukrainian) for me were barbarians without any human feelings

    • Oh you know I have an opinion on that, don’t you?

      You should write a book entitled “What if Trotsky Lived?”.

      • What if instead of Cuba, Mexico became the closest friend to Russia? Hows that gonna look compared to the Bay of Pigs fiasco?

        • OldBikr, I thought you may have melted in the Summer heat. Good to see you posting again. Dare I say Happy 4th? Mexico again rejected a Leftist in their Presidential contest (Obrador).

    • Adrian you are on to something, it was indeed a century of great extremes of evil and good.

      I know some people who feel that A.Hitler (aka Shikelgruber) was the second anti-Christ.

      However some are nominating Napoleon for that title, the debate continues to the present time.

      • And there’s a not inconsequential number of Americans that believe that President Obama is the Anti-Christ.

        But one thing is for sure: it was a horribly bloody century. I don’t think a decade went by where one group wasn’t engaging in wholesale slaughter of another.

  4. stalin waseven worse than sh**ler.
    Stalin killed more of it’s own population than shitler did.
    Stalin supported shitler, where did all the raw materials came from to bult the nazi war machine?

    stalin wanted holodomor
    Who knows maybe just maybe you would be better of without stalin

    • This. It is known that Stalin had previously joined with Hitler, especially in taking over places like Poland (at that time, Polish ‘democracy’ were struggles of superpowers bought by other neighboring governments. There were social riots in the cities before Poland got invaded–Russia already had centuries of paying Polish gentlemen into controlling Poland the way they wanted, so Stalin had interests in keeping that control).
      When invasion came, hundreds of Poles even tried to escape out to Russia, only to be held in concentration camps, and some even killed as scapegoats of any social tension in the country.

      TBH, I felt that Hitler was worse than Stalin. Hitler dragged his country into horrific and meaningless wars while Stalin focused on defense and eradicated threats when they’re down. Hitler had no reason to attack Russia when they were still allies, and yet he did. Hitler even managed to win support by the English and French when he asked to reclaim land for the Germans in Czechslovakia and Austria–but then he invaded France. He could’ve stayed with Czechslovakia and Austria, and rebuild his country from its economic mess, but for some reason he kept attacking multiple countries at once. He even decided to push his troops into Russia during winter, where eye witness accounts spoke of being stranded in blizzards, hearing wolves circling around them as well as the popping of shots in the distance. One guy asked if the Russians were sniping at them, until he learned they were other German soldiers commiting suicide after facing so many days in the biting cold.

      Supposedly Hitler was recorded to have said that if Germany couldn’t win the war, the German people therefore don’t deserve to survive for being so weak.
      Probably explained why he was okay with watching soldiers as young as 8-12 years old marching to defend Berlin against the Russians and the Americans, while hiding in his bunker with Eva. At least Stalin made sure his country was alive and strong after WWII.

      • Look at Russia now – it result of WW2. Alive? Yes. Strong? Not anymore. Strongest men was send to their deaths first.

        • Hitler’s biggest problem in that regard was that he thought the USSR stopped at the Urals. He was also victim of ‘luck (bad)’, as the winter of 1942 was the worst in recorded history (or at least living memory). As for Stalin, he set up the massacres at Leningrad and Stalingrad by purging all of the experienced military leaders before WWII and left himself with nothing but ideologues. He was also an incurable micro-manager. Couple that with the military acumen of your typical Idaho third-grade class, he went a long way toward getting a lot of people killed.

  5. Some of the pictures hold a lot of truth, in particular the ones about Jews. What group were really responsible for World War 2? Let me give you a hint: The same group responsible for the current financial crisis.

    • I think what you say is true about financial events now, and about Bolsheviks until death of Lenin. Though perhaps not correct about situation during war. I cannot think of any Jews in Stalin’s inner circle, they were various types of Caucasians or Russians. Well, maybe one hiding under the table or something…..

      • Kaganovich was not a Jew? Yagoda? Yezhov – from a Jewish village in Lithuania?

        Russians were rarer because any non-henchmen were usually killed. When most of the population was Russian it was feared they might be able to exploit this. Stalin had a challenge with Zhukov because he was too popular to have killed.

        • Imbecile ! What is a non-henchmen ? Learn English before trying to comment on an English forum. Yezhov-Nikolai Ivanovich ? Have not met many Jews named Ivan.

          Read before you post Russian Myth Crap:
          Molotov government in 1940:

          Chairman: Molotov
          Foreign Affairs: Molotov
          Agriculture: Ivan Benediktov
          Armament: Boris Vannikov
          Aviation: Alexei Sakhurin
          Building Materials: Leonid Sosnin
          Chemical Industry: Mikhail Denisov
          Coal: Vasili Vakhruchev
          Commerce: Alexander Lyubimov
          Transport: Lazar Kaganovitch
          Construction: Semjon Ginzburg
          Defence: Kliment Voroshilov
          Ferrous Metallurgy: Fjodor Merkulov
          Finance: Arseni Zverev
          Fish Economy: Polina Zhemchuzhina
          Food: Vasili Zotov
          Foreign Trade: Anastas Mikoyan
          Health: Mikhail Boldyrev
          Heavy Machine Building: Vjacheslav Malyshev
          Interior: Lavrenti Berija
          Justice: Nikolai Ryshkov
          Light Industry: Sergei Lukin
          Machine Building: Pjotr Parshin
          Meat and Dairy: Pavel Smirnov
          Merchant Marine on Rivers: Zosima Shashkov
          Merchant Marine on Open Sea: Semjoin Dukelski
          Navy: Nikolai Kuznetsov
          Non-Ferrous Metallurgy: Alexander Samokhvalov
          Oil: Lazar Kaganovitch
          Post and Telecommunications: Ivan Peresypkin
          Power Plants: Mikhail Pervukin
          Procurement of Agr. Products: Semjoin Skrynnikov
          Shipbuilding: Ivan Tervosyan
          State Farms: Pavel Lobanov
          Textile: Alexei Kosygin
          Timber: Naum Antselovitch
          State Control: Nikolai Voznesensky

          Out of all these 40 or so spots, the only Jews above are Lazar Kaganovitch, Semjon Ginzburg.

    • The financial crisis back in the 1930s was caused by WWI and the United Nations. When the Germans lost the war (by then most of the people were so starved they tore apart the flower beds in cities and the royal palace to grow food) the leaders of France and England forced the Germans into a treaty where more than half of their warships were confiscated/destroyed, 2,000 soldiers and generals dismissed permanently, a massive number of automobiles removed, and the Germans were forced to keep with a certain number of factories, and were forbidden to go BEYOND it.

      Naturally, war-torn Germany now has a massive displaced population where work is now very difficult to find. The Americans and English were sending ‘relief funds’ to Germany til the 1930s, but still the deutchmarks were horribly weak and there was still not enough jobs or food to go around. When the Americans hit an economic crisis (caused by several businessmen, one of them irish-born tycoons of shipyards constantly messing with import/export prices) the relief funds to Germany had to stop, which made the German economy hit its worst.

      Hitler put the scapegoat on the Jews because he was a life-long antisemitic. He also believed in Eugenics where everyone who isn’t white and upper-class is deemed a poison to the genepool and society progress. The reason why the Jews were seen as ‘rich’were because orthodox jews lived together in the same neighborhood and supported each other in every way possible, a practice that became common even among christians back then thanks to WWI. Therefore, because so many jews didn’t look like they were starving and weren’t constantly lining up in the soup kitchens, they were seen as ‘leeches’ thriving off the bad economy.

      Which is an entirely different scenario than NOW when the EU is now facing corrupt government (The king of Spain this year BLEW $4,000 dollars of public expenses just to pay for hunting African elephants alone, and he is a Roman Catholic) and the US JUST gotten out of the middle east war which pretty much took out more than 30 million dollars in expenses (the weapons, the transport, the soldier/doctor training and deployment do not come free–last I heard the Bush family aren’t jewish) our problems are significantly much different.

      Hitler CAUSED WWII because he was a failed artist who was p!ssed off at the Weimer administration and thought he could do better. The jews didn’t force Hitler to take Czechslovakia and Austria. The Jews didn’t force him to invade France. The Jews didn’t force Hitler to test his ‘blitzkrieg’ on the spanish villages. The Jews also didn’t force Hitler to invade Poland, and then try to invade Russia, and also construct a badly thought out government in Berlin where 45% of the city reports were largely unread or barely looked at before being passed (causing the euthanasia movement that caused many handicapped people to be killed, and even doctors being told to put down their old patients to do the German population ‘some mercy’, WITHOUT the consent of the families. At one case a female doctor found a 16 year old being scheduled for a sterilisation. Because a teacher wrote that she was too ‘addled brained’ and might sicken the german race. She first talked with the girl, realised she was so far completely normal, and when she went to talk with city council, she found out they barely read the report before passing it through without questioning it.

      Yeah. No. Read your damn history books again before opening your mouth and echoing the same BS as the Nazi party. WWII didn’t just start because Germany was having its money sucked out by fur-coated and obese jews, a huge CHUNK out of it was made by a completely unqualified, inexperienced dictator who wanted to terrorise everyone at the same time, and gave little thought of his new ‘system’ that was slowly bringing his people on their knees.

      • The United Nations did not exist in the 1930a. J.P. Morgan was not a Jew, but he and other American bankers made all the poor loan decisions that bled Europe dry.

        • The LEAGUE of Nations then. Started in 1919 after the Treaty of Versailles where they demanded compensation from Germany.
          Weimar was still doing okay–they were actually gradually building up by 1931 until Hitler and his cabinet were voted in. To think that everything ‘suddenly’ became okay financially would be a mistake. But then later on Hitler began robbing his own people with any excuse. They were jews, ‘undesirables’, or simply in the way (The Night of the Long Knives anyone?).

      • You left out the part where Pres. Wilson was unable to control the over reaching demands for instant reparation made by the French diplomats, due to the fact that Wilson was still recovering from being nearly killed by a bout with influenza (avian flu?). (I am not joking about this either. Look it up.)

        You also left the fact that A.Hitler resented the Jewish people who took him in and fed him while he was broke, he never forgave the entire Jewish people for being better off than he was at that time in his life. (What can I say, he was a nut)

        You also ignored the fact that the German Eugenics Standards that led to extermination were actually based on laws in the USA. (Look up the Virginia eugenics laws if you don’t believe me.)

        You left the part out where the French invented gas chambers during the French Revolution and the fact that the British invented Concentration Camps during the Boer War. ( As I said before if you don’t believe me then look it ALL UP.)

        • I never knew that Hitler was taken in by the Jewish people. I guess I’m just glad that he didn’t go all “Pol Pot’ on every person that did okay during the 1920s-30s.

          Yeah, the US and the UK were into Eugenics. There were even educational silent films made stating how even premature babies should be left to die.
          I still like how the Nazi party got so obsessed with euthanasia, getting rid of the ‘weak’ and elderly, and sporadic sterilisation, while people like Joseph Goebbels was able to have half a dozen kids with his club foot (oh, and Hitler’s bad eye sight that caused the Nazis to print his speeches in really large font). And they only said how they’re okay to order everything because it’s “The Thousand Year Reich” they will gradually be replaced by the next generation of blond super-soldiers.

          Yeah, that is also true. Plus the US had been displacing american indians and force them into death marches into camps, where many natives were trapped in and perished from the bad conditions.

          Interestingly, the Germans were found to have only used gas chambers a year after they began the Final Solution. Apparently there are records of the officers recording ‘problems’ made by the soldiers. Because they decided to order the soldiers into shooting lines of jews/undesirables in dug graves, and then were told to stab each of them when they couldn’t waste bullets…apparently the soldiers began to experience Post Traumatic Syndrome and were becoming haunted by it, which was getting in the way of progress for the Final Solution. So they decided to employ gas chambers at that point.

          • Hey Mr. Cabot Try to find a copy of the book entitled “The Mind of Adolf Hitler”.

            I think you are a thinking sort of fellow and this book will give you leads into the psychological motivations of Hitler.

            This book was based on formerly classified information and was written originally to brief high level officers on the subject of Hitler.

            It contains many interesting anecdotes from a close examination of Hitler.

            One thing the book does not cover is that it is generally believed Hitler was suffering from a poorly treated case of syphilis he contracted from a prostitute during WW 1 in France. The book does cover his sexual insecurities rising from having an un-descended testicle. Just call him ole one ball Shikelgruber!

      • That is EXACTLY the reason why England and France later on dropped supplies in Russian-occupied Berlin from 1945-48.

        I was pretty lucky that I had teachers who didn’t teach me that Germans=nazis, every one of them. They pretty much drill it to every kid that there’s more than one reason for everything, and one group or race should not be left the scapegoat.

        • *food supplies. Like I said, they learned that desperation and hardship caused the Germans to become angry and turn to the wrong people for help and the betterment of their country and families.

      • Who says they did not start it.

        I just say they should not have been allowed to start it, if anyone had enough balls to go into Germany while they were violating Czechoslovakia and put a net over Hitler, then the world would have been saved much misery.

        • We can never know why the europe superpowers allowed Hitler to do that. (The Czech are still resentful for that). But apparently the British PM at the time claimed that he was trying to avoid “another Great War”. Maybe people remembered WWI and still thought it was terrible enough to do whatever it takes to avoid it. But then Hitler clearly wanted to invade and hurt others.

          • Appeasement Policies of “Mr. Peace in Our Time” and the French could have taken Germany at this stage, because the Wehrmacht was not fully mobilized as yet. Of course after Hitler took the Czechs he used their war industries to bring his armored columns up to full strength, thus allowing him to blitz Poland and France in short order. If you don’t believe this study the photos made by Rommel during the invasion of France and you will see many Czech tanks in his army.

            I wonder why the French did not do this, they were not shy about going into the Ruhr to collect what they thought Germany ought to be paying them.

            Actually they all should have dog-piled Hitlers butt during the annexation of Austria!

  6. read this

      • …both of which were completely abrogated by the Nazis before the ink was dry.

        Why this surprised Stalin (who used the exact same tactics during his rise to power) leaves many historians scratching their collective heads.

  7. the brother of my grandpa died in Africa against british army at El-Alamein. Another one, a cousin or so, almost died in Russia with the ARMIR.

    War is over guys 🙂

  8. “The German officers will welcome, feed and employ you”. You can enter without a pass too and be guaranteed a warm welcome anyway.” yeah…. and employed as slave labor for the Germans, or dying in POW camps due to the fact that Germany didn’t apply Geneva Convention rules to Russians.

    • It would still suck. The rich will keep getting richer and the poor will keep getting poorer.

      Every political system has its professional hangers-on, who seem know all of the ins and outs. Even China still has a Mandarin class, they just became party members and continued to do what they always have.

      So no nation or political system is free of corruption, scandals, or scoundrels, in my opinion.

      • OldBikr, you’re the Man when it comes to the Second World War. Do you have “Mein Kampf?” I’ve never read it.

        • No I got it from the library at school for a report more years ago than I want to say.

          I was not able to really get into it because I had trouble following what he was saying.

          But I guarantee Hitler put his policy to invade Russia right out there in this book for anyone to see, if they could stand to read it.

          Hitler was as indifferent an author, as he was an artist, some talent, but a lot of prejudicial garbage getting in the way.

          Hitler’s real talent was his speech making ability, he could whip up crowds into a frenzy and get them to do ANYTHING.

          Of course it helped that the German people were desperate, unemployed, and becoming destitute when Hitler made the scene. The Wiemar Republic never stood a chance, by the time they were in control the banks had crashed. Hitler did not actually hate the Wiemars, they were just in his way to power and he was not going to tolerate that. Hitler NEVER shared power, he was too paranoid schizophrenic.

          He (Hitler) used to practice in front of a mirror for hours at a time, getting his presentation and body language as perfect as possible. He seemed to know he was going to wind up on charge of Germany, way ahead of anyone else.

          Talk about scary, the more you learn about Hitler the freakier he seems. I wish I could remember the Thule Society stuff I used to know about him and Himmler. They used to do strange pagan rituals, Himmler was especially mad about them. This may have had some bearing on the choices they made concerning their “Final Solution”, the Jewish people were being sacrificed possibly? Not just Jews either, pretty much anyone the Germans wanted rid of. I have even heard of folks sent to the death camps so some ranking jerk officer could get their property.

    • Agreed, Britain is just a miserable wet prison now, only if Hitler had crushed the Zionist British when he had the chance. Now the place is rooted with Masonic lodges and Jewish secret police.

  9. the world is what it is today, just as it was then, because of ignorant misinformed people. one becomes the same as what they are raised with to a great extent. blame your troubles on some other peoples never work to change your own system to become more responsible. if you want something, just find a reason to fight and take it. even we americans are very guilty, kill the native indians and take their land. at end of WWI divide up middle east and take their oil, etc. russia at end of WWII keep eastern europe under control. governments should be as ours was intended to be, but is not, by the people, for the people. not for power hungry rulers but history just keeps repeating.

    any, to the subject, ask people of kiev what germans did to civilians, ask german pows what russia did with them after war. great powers of the world have all committed great sins.

    • What germans did? They do mass kills ofd civillians, as planned by Hithler – fro free space for “master race”.
      What russians did with german POW after war? They made them work on reboulding rissian cities, that ruined by them.
      Most of all german POW, who are not war criminal, returned home. Some of them still alive.
      About many other posts here: facepalm.jpg Brainwashing at its finest. READ REAL HISTORY DOCUMENTS. Stop being fooled.

      • there was no planned mass killings by hitler, that’s what your soviet propaganda always tried to push.
        Any source for that?have you read Hitler or Rosenberg for example?in fact, the soviet jews wanted the anihilation of the germans.
        russians belong to the artverwandten Völker(related tribes) of europe. read “the mythos of the 20. century” by rosenberg to get a glipse of nazi thinking.
        All germans were war criminals due to soviet terms.
        Germans POW labored as slaves in the siberian gulags, they’ve never built up any city.

      • and in fact, the jews blamed the russians of killing the 6Million figure prior to WW2.
        that do say about that?
        check this out:

  10. I wonder how effective the propaganda was. The Soviets who had families on the areas not occupied by WH must have been aware that their running to the other side would mean a death sentence to their families.

  11. This is pretty much kid’s stuff. At Stalingrad, during the dead of winter when the Germans were freezing, the Soviets simply called out over and over again with loudspeakers ‘Stalingrad- Mass Grave- Stalin Grave- Mass Grad” etc. etc.

  12. I don’t know who is the bigger idiot, the propagandists who came with this crud, or the jerks who might possibly believe it.

    • I would have been one of the idiots to believe it. Many Russians were forced to fight, or risk being shot by their own. War is hell, and the Germans were an overwhelming force. So I understand the temptation to surrender.

  13. With hindsight we all have 20/20 vision. Lets us make any sort of comment explaining this and that to suit our own agenda. Nobody back then could know the future, just as we do not know what will happen tomorrow. IMO all propaganda is lies and bad, and all politicians, media etc are liars who manipulate us all to serve their purpose $$$$$$$

  14. Russia would have collapsed had the Germans treated the civilians and the pows kindly Goebbels was crazy over this and his propaganda could not mask the truth. Many Russians thought nothing could be worse then Stalin lol maybe that is why they fought as hard as they did?

  15. My great-grandfather surrendered to the Germans, he was a driver for one of the tanks. When he went over to the Germans, he was treated well and with respect, later fighting with them. After the war, he had to flee to the US, but we now live back in St. Petersburg were my great-grandfather was born. Unfortunately, he didn’t ever make it back here.

  16. Okay goyim, here’s the GP:

    Say something bad about Hitler: 40 goy points.

    Use “Nazi” instead of NS: 20 goy points.

    Provide fake evidence for claims: 300 goy points.

    Pretend you’re a neo nazi useful idiot: 3000 goy points.

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    b) how great judaism and stalin is: 9500 goy points


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