12 thoughts on “Communication Centre Disguised In the Forest”

    • We have no choice.
      After fall of USSR, world is not became better.
      Instead, things became worse – many countries invaded and ruined by USA or by USA-conrolled forces.
      I think, if Russia survive these times, it will build new facilites like this. It have to build and use them if want to survive as independent country.

      • Oh and if you dont know soviet regimes from the fall of nicolau till staline were responsible for 3x more deaths than the germans in wwII….. PROBLEM IS THAT THOSE 30million deaths WERE OWN RUSSIAN PEOPLE

  1. Question: What was used to justify the expenditure for these numerous and massive facilities?

    It’s not like the people had to vote and approve the dough for stuff like this, (unlike the U.S.), so there must have been some other justification.

    I wonder what Russia would be like today had it not been for the cold war?

    • TO put it simply, every Soviet/Russian leader since WWII suffered from the infamous June 22 complex. Some went completely nuts because of it, others dealt okay with it.

  2. After all of the Stalker games and Metro games, seeing these photos validate my visceral reactions in those games. You can’t make up these installations and the mood they invoke!


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