10 thoughts on “Aerial Photoshoot of the Siberian City”

  1. Nice to see new neighborhoods under construction. Why don’t the y also include paved roads, curbs, gutters and sidewalks?


    • You could notice it’s still under construction.

      Once they don’t need access for heavy construction equipment, they will have it all, or do you think they will just leave it like that lol?

  2. I’m kind of surprised that asphalt wasn’t put down on the streets through the subdivision that they’re building.–It would give the construction crews and the delivery crews easier access, not to mention whoever will be living there.

    • I think it would be incredibly expensive to make a road that didn’t actually keep the city alive.

      Omsk has temperature swings of nearly 150 degrees (record low to record high). ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omsk)

      It would take a huge investment and lots of maintenance.

    • In Russia things are different, if it was a military base it would have pavement.

      Priorities are not on human needs, but of military needs more or less.


      • You sure know a lot about Russia, or atleast you think you do.

        Go to any Russian city look at the streets and pavements, and then go to any military base (especially outside the Western MD) and see how much of a higher priority the military has over everything else. You might be enlightened.

  3. Siberia Russia
    Was a surprised to me seeing photos of Siberia City with a little over a million: just give to much to thinking about it; I believe I’m not alone on this issues about Siberia City, because most people could think be to cold there, but in Canada are exact the same. Now with Globe Warming: Siberia could expanded; like I mention of Russia accepting emigration the way Canada have done, even so with only less the 40 million altogether. Siberia could and should the reaches point on Earth; lots of land to produce any kind of grain, lots of minerals, lots of lakes and a fantastic Panorama. Mr. Vladimir Putin should fly around and dream like I do, that is what human beings have been good for, dreams if could be real good into the process of discovery what could be good for any living creatures. I know a few months must be very cold; humans have brains to accommodate and create good living. Not much different than Canada, the only point of view Siberia could be bigger than all Europe combine. With the situation in the world; could be the right time for Russia Putin thinks of accepting emigration and wealth people to create not just any industrial outfit, also agriculture. Russian if not going to be any major war: you together could make Russia much better then was the USA after the Second World War, the only thing could be, to change a little the strutting way of culture of getting along with new emigrants which now would be the right time to accepting a few thousands every year. Let going into the progress of Russia; that included colonizing some planets, all of you are on top of the Planet, good laughs right the way I write. I’m not crazy, at least now, maybe later hahaha. I wish we could have peace in the world; between all nations, only organize themselves and do what I mention so many times colonize some planets, because the Earth going down the tubes, if we talk about environment, We are in the most danger situation has human memories. If we get another big stupid war third world war, then accelerate the Echo system to be earlier into some kind of evolution which Mankind should not want to know.29/06/2012 A.Oscar

  4. Beautiful. Every picture I see of Russia (including the old USSR and surrounding countries) are always breathtaking. Sure there are a few bad spots but just the same; simply breathtaking

  5. Omsk is a great city, been there a few times and looking at going back this winter. Right now it’s hitting in the high 90s, and in the winter it gets to 50 below zero.

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