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      • I am sure he was trying to say something more, maybe these vehicles spend a lot of time in water, but are not maintained. There are examples of fields full of idle military trucks that are just rotting away. These will end up the same, costing more to repair than to build new? I am shocked when I realize this.

        • Lol. Those BTRs are being actively used by the military. They are not obsolete, no-longer-needed, discarded equipment.

          Besides, military vehicles have more to fear from anti-armor rounds and RPG’s than rust.

  1. Practice in military in Russia to be ready at any moment its real good. After all: Russia is the bigger country in the world with lots of various types of terrain; it’s a great advantage, space enough, and all kinds of land and sea. That kind of amphibians and be transported by ship, also give great support just in case having to move around. Not only that for 150 million of people; Russia may have lots of unpopulated land for secret exercises. At the same time; because the country is to big for the population having, could also create other problems of anybody land in without Russians know about it, special in Siberia. I do not thing be too easy to looked after such country with not that many people. A.Oscar

  2. Rusted? Yes, any actively used vehicle rusting fast in sea water. Any scratch lead to this.
    Dont worry, they will be maintained, or replaced with new BTR`s.

  3. BTR-s are out of date crap. With or withour rust, they’re just die-inside metal boxes.
    They’re just good practice targets for MAPATS rocket system which “enemies” use 🙂

    • An armoured vehicle is still a lot better than being on foot, with the only protection being your personal armour.

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