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  1. Lenin was a mass exterminator and he is worshiped like a god.

    Why would anyone want revere such a person is not of comprehension to Mercal.

    Free society and economics is superior to a communist regime.

    • Well, then explain us, why superior US economy is in deep shits while communist regime in China is doing far better? Why free society and economics in US and EU are at the edge of total collapse while communistic economy of China is growing like crazy? Why in free economics all profits are private and all debts are nationalized?

      Btw., it was Stalin and not Lenin even though Lenin has also bloody hands. Probably you are too much brainwashed to learn the history and know something about the REAL life and not propaganda in which you live since you were born.

      • Because in China you have 3 billion workers, who get 0.000001 euro, usd whatever per day / or a generally shitty living conditions.

        Because neither you nor I nor most of the people can answer how did this miraculous boom happened in China and India just now in the last few years.

        You probably seen them or not yet, but there’s the same high-class society – like in the capitalized US – who just rip off the poorer.

        The world will be a better place one day, when the capable people realize, there are no capitalists, no communists and no politics because it’s only bullshit what looks nice on papers but in reality only brings out the worst from a man.

        • LOL – keep making up the lame excuses for why the US is the new third world nation on the block. The similarities between the US and the 3rd world are there for all to see – you have a black leader, you owe huge amounts of money, most of you don’t speak English, most people don’t have access to adequate drinking water, you have massive unemployment, etc, etc, etc.

          • The only problem in this world are trolls and people with challenged brain.

            If you postulate that I am defending the US, just because I do not either like the Chinese below well said “communist regime with capitalist economy” (which is as bad as the US parade) then you’re out of this round, try again next time.

            You can keep referrin’ me to the US, but this still ain’t make me any US person or anybody attached to US.

            Keep trollin’.

      • Communist regime with capitalist economy. Thats china. And they dont have workers, they have slaves – woking 12hours per day for 100 USD per month.

      • Under the Red Terror ordered by Leni after the revolution, somewhere between 100.000 to 500.000 people were executed. Under Lenin the Gulag-concentration camp system was established, where numerous prisoners died. Lenin’s agricultural policies during the civil war, especially the requisitioning of food, made an already ongoing famine much worse, causing a surplus death toll of two to three million people.

  2. Yeah, but the problem is, some people still think socialism/communism/marxism will work…it just hasn’t been done by the “right” people. Freedom is the natural yearning for everyone, but in some countries, they have gotten conditioned into believing all good comes from the government…that is until they run out of other peoples money to spend.

    • You nailed it at this point in history humans have more freedom than ever before. We can travel further than ever before and for those who just don’t get it we humans don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. May freedom reign world wide

      • your post was recorded by three government agencies and 20 marketing agencies.

        Your unique online history will be cataloged and used against you if any copyright holder should feel like using you as an example to others.

        If you happened to have visited any state deemed as unfriendly the government can at any time detain you indefinitely without wrant or reason or just kill you and count you as an enemy combatant since you are a male adult, or just tall enough to look like it on the drone’s camera.

      • You seemed to have missed the point here and I take it you don’t like all the new freedom of the world because we love it

  3. “Free society and economics is superior to a communist regime.” Yes superior in greed and immorality.

    People like Lenin and Stalin have nothing with communism. They just used communism for they own ideas.

    Free society is society where majority don’t terrorize minority and laws are made from truth, not by majority wishes like in demoNcracy. I don’t like communism but i will choose communism anytime before demoNcracy (at least communism like that in ex Yugoslavia).

    • And p51d007’s point is just made. There will always be somebody ^ that thinks they can make it work, when in fact, it’s failed everywhere, or will fail, or has killed untold numbers of people and/or made their lives miserable. Congrats Adriano.

  4. Russia is still very much same. Except big Lenin posters, there are huge billboards. Ladies are more fashionable, better cars are there and off-course everyone is showing new mobile sets, especially iPhone. Beer bottles and cigarette buts are every where. Old Lada’s are still on roads.

  5. First, you confuse Lenin with Stalin.

    Second, this “Free society and economics” mean that you are still in control of the elite ruler class. The constant propaganda of freedom and democracy hides their actions. The same bullshit class war, just under a different name.

    • Lenin or Stalin, same scum. Only difference is Lenin murdered less people, because he was murdered by Stalin. Lenin personaly signed orders for executions.

  6. Politics aside, I enjoyed the pictures of ordinary Russian people, who I have always found to be friendly, decent human beings.

  7. Dostoyevsky’s Devils live among us now hoping to benefit from the human destruction necessary to build the superior utopian system- whatever name it goes by.

  8. I often wonder if Mercal, our resident troll, has ever actually BEEN to the Russian Federation/Soviet Union.

    Have you, Mercal? If so: when, where, and for how long?

  9. I`m born in USSR, in 1979. I`m remember this times, all bad and good sides of them.
    And I must say, mayority of russians live better in 1989 than now, in 2012.
    Many people here lost their lives in civil wars, died without work or because of stress. Many peoples from these photos are dead. Russia lost 20 millions lifes on result of “democratic” reforms.
    This is price of your “freedom”? Freedom to starve to death, freedom to lost your home, freedom to be killed by bandits, freedom to be killed in civil war, freedom to became outlander at your home, just because newly created local nationalists bame you in any s**t you has never done? Yeah, I see.
    Russians will remember all of this and will say “thank you” to all “democracy” wh**es.

    • All of this is one problem – Russia does not know freedom, they only know tyrany (comunism, tsars) or anarchy (you called it democracy). There are no bandits in western contries, you know. Its in the people.

      • So, you’re saying Russia doesnt not know freedom, but apparently the western countries do? That makes sense.

      • Well, if Netor Makhno had defeated Frunze and liberated Moscow from the Bolsheviks, yes, Russia would have known anarchy 🙂

      • I must say, its you dont know what freedom is.
        We know it, actually, before and now. Or you think in such country everything can be controlled by “bloody KGB” (which dead for years)?
        I must say, I`m laughted reading myths abouts USSR every time. Yes, we, Russians, for example, have more freedom of speech in USSR and now than you. Yes, in USSR times you can`t go on the square and scream “Brezhnev are f**ker!”. Even if you scream this, you will not be taken by “bloody KGB”, but may be taken by cops as drunk or crazy.
        But at home, with friends, at work with collegues, you can talk any shit about soviet leaders or anything else – no one cares. I`m talking about 1980`s years.
        And now we can feel free to hate gays (and we do), and name niggers as niggers. We not hate them, we just get used to name them like this.
        And no one can forbid us to say that. More than that, we can feel free to scream “Putin is gay!” on any square – no one cares.
        But this is not what I want in price of destroying my homeland.
        Hell, do you even have been here in USSR times and now? Do you even know any russians or anything about Russia personally?
        Sorry, but I don`t like when people made any conclusions without any strong facts.

    • Russia has mostly iteslf to blame for this sad situation: you came from a completely bankrupt system, and turned it not into a democracy but into an anarchistic state. And by the way, Russia mostly lost people because so many Russians emigrated. They just couldn’t stand their own country anymore.

  10. The Chinese live in a homogenous state. They have a dual system. Top-down control but you can buy shiny baubles. They aren’t really interested in airy fairy concepts like “democracy”. The American public are being lied to every day. They live in a cash-ocracy and their republic was founded by free masons. America is a social experiment that worked until AIPAC took over. America is also a social experiment. West Europeans are banned from thinking because of ’39-’45. There has been a deliberate dumbing down and ban on thought. But shopping and drug use has increased. The irony.

    • China have long history, they oulived even Roman Empire. And they will outlive modern civilisation.
      Do not teach them how they must live. They know their way for centuries.

  11. if Napoleon had not been wasting time and resources on pointless wars he would not have sold the bulk of the Mid West to America (Louisiana Land Purchase). Before that if the German King who had syphilis had not mismanaged the American colony so much there would have been no rebellion. And finally if the Russian Tsar’s hadn’t been so incompetent sat in their ivory towers they wouldn’t have sold alaska for peanuts but instead have used it as the furthest outpost possible to ban trotsky, lenin and stalin to. These guys would then have walked into Canada and caused trouble over there instead. America is just a selection of fruit trees that were ignored by the gardener for decades. If anyone read a book they would understand this.

    • Alaska has been sold to US by russian Tsar in fear of occupation of it by Great Britain. Read more historical books.
      Trotsky are became enemy of USSR, because he vant to continue realising ideas of “world revolution” even in price of destruction of USSR. Stalin not agreed with him, Trotsky run away in Mexico, and try to continue his destructive job. This ended with icepick in his head.
      BTW, Stalin and Lenin are not threated by Tsar`s secret service as someone dangerous until its too late for Tsar.

    • Yet ironically it was the U.S. (Nixon & Kiss) who during the Viet conflict came up with the “madman” theory. Nixon formulated that if he acted irrationally enough he could scare the Soviets into thinking that he just might “lose it” and actually send the missiles. Look it up.

    • Don`t worry, there is stull another “wunderland” with new world order plans, named US.
      And nuclear Armageddon is still possible.

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