14 thoughts on “Kursk Is Sinking”

  1. It’s a flood. Too much water.

    If you die from a Tsunami, or a flash flood engulfs your town, drowning hundreds, it’s a tragedy.

    A normal “overabundance of water” and the way people ignore it and go on with their lives IS funny and fun!

    After all. When the water rises to above your shoes, and you look down and DON’T say “hmmm, perhaps I should move to higher ground”.

    Anything that happens to you after that is funny.

    And, you are dumb.

  2. That guy third from the last photo hes looking at the motor.I no whats wrong his muffler is bellow water and water went in the motor.In austrailia they have trucks with it in the air thats why f0r deep water crossing.

  3. Global warming is a farce of lies from socialist who want to tax everything and anything.

    Floods have been happening for THOUSANDS of years and not from man.



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