7 thoughts on “Gabion Wall Falls In Vladivostok”

    • Or return to school. How can they build gabion walls that high and that steep ? Ganion can’t replace concret. They are not supposed to be used in the same way.
      Well I wonder how much will now costs the road.

    • Yeah, but what the engineer will most likely do is try to weasel out of it and foist the blame on the contractors.

    • What engineer! It was designed by the local soviet chief’s brother-in-law & built by a gang from the local reeducation camp!

  1. Blablabla u above,ice,frost,rainfall and naturalgas wining,that together with some other facts,from the short past and now…made these things happen,and it can go fast….forwards and/or backwards,walk on a silk line as an marathonrunner……..

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