7 thoughts on “Strizhi In the Sky! Part II”

      • Yeah you’re right, however author mixed photos of two different groups – Strizhi and Vityazi. It’s easy though, as they often perform in various shows together.

  1. Photos are a mix of Strizhi’s and Russian Vityazi’s photos.
    Strizhi fly MiG-29s only, Vityazi – Su-27. Very last photo is MiG-29 of Strizhi (with a bird sign on a body), while the second from last is Vityazi’s Su-27 (as can be seen from different emblem).
    This photo ( http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/strizhi5/strizhi007-86.jpg) shows Strizhi (one can see a blue bird painted on the bottom of each airplane). But this photo shows Vityazi: http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/strizhi5/strizhi007-75.jpg (can be distinguished by different painting).


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