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    • Correct post soviet. One girl has leftover borsch between teeth. Solution…smash all teeth out of mouth. No need for capitalist dentist.

  1. Russian people do not take dental care like more western societies do.

    The teeth were not good, I have noticed very few smiles and according to Russian ‘facts’ they are not big on dental care or brushing of the teeth.


    • Actually most countries outside of the US don’t seem to have the same dental standards. Ever seen a Brit’s teeth?

      • What’s with the American obsession with teeth? Some of you people have teeth like Gary Busey that make you look like donkeys.

        • Obsession with teeth? Well, we like to try to keep them as long as possible, so we can eat. Like our obsession with teeth, we also do something many places do not… we like to wash our genitals.

          • Western peoples wash themselves and shave privates and brush teeth.

            It is hygiene and more healthy than yellow stained teeth with horrible breath.

            Why would having rotten teeth be of an asset to one?


          • How do these peoples reproduce if no washing of genitals – the thought of it causes upset stomach of severe kind.

            Mercal – not from America

            I brush and wash.

  2. So this is foot ball as in soccer,(kicking the black and white round ball)?What do they call the other foot ball,(running with the oval shaped object)?

    • Why do Americans call football soccer? I’ve always curious to know why. Anyone?

      As for American “football”, it hardly has anything to do with the foot, and the “ball” looks more like an egg than a ball!

      • NFL AND FIFA football = both very entertaining sports. Big fan of them.

        With FIFA, entertainment ALL YEAR LONG! NFL sadly only 16 weeks! Too short!

      • I think it has something to do with why english-speaking countries call it soccer… even in the UK, soccer is often heard.

        As for american football, you actually have to start the game by kicking the ball. And there is no “throw in” where someone uses their hands to restart play.

        • I think the USA calls it football to be different from Europe,like England driving on the left side of the road to be different from the USA!

          How many countries watch the Superbowl?In some countries it is not legal to watch it,but they watch it anyway!

        • I don’t think most english countries call it soccer. AFAIK only America, Canada, Australia and a few other countries call it soccer.

          You may start the game by kicking the ball, but for most of the game you just run around carrying, throwing and catching the ball. (Now, I don’t really know much about American football, because I have no interest in it, this is just from the little I’ve seen). ¯\(°_o)/¯

          But in football the only player allowed to touch the ball during play is the keeper, and even then it can only be within his own penalty area. Throw-ins are simply meant to bring the ball into play. So the cast majority of a football game is played with the feet.

          I’m just saying its weird. 😀

  3. America invented football (oval ball), and all other sports except croquet.

    Had we invented croquet, it would be a full-contact drunken hammerfest with barbed wire and dugouts.

    Actually, Americans invented ALL balls… Yes, the sphere is an American invention and we decide what the games are called.

    We don’t argue when the French want to call pancakes ‘crepes’, because they were first. That’s how it works.

    FOOTBALL (oval): Much beloved and violent, it is a miracle of strategy and precision. Armored hunks of manly beef openly smash into each other on a gridiron (field) and seize position, mount attacks and KILL THE ENEMY!

    ‘Soccer’ was a girls game and was so named because of the fights that came when the small and weak female children who could not play football were encouraged to use their fists.

    “SOCK HER!” the fans would scream. “SOCK HER, SOCK HER,SOCK HER!”

    HISTORICAL NOTE: This game with the round ‘girlie-ball’ was first called ‘ballfoot’ since you do actually kick the ball with your foot, leaving fists for fighting, but this led to confusion.

    Eventually, ‘ballfoot’ or “SOCK HER” was all but abandoned, owing to the lack of permanent injury and brutal domination, and useless heaps of uniforms and equipment were exported to foreign countries.

    No mention was made of the fact that this was a ‘girls game’ and it was quickly adopted by strange, cross-dressing cultures everywhere. I won’t name names, you know who you are.

    I mean, seriously, what grown man wears kneesocks and short shorts, and prances around a field in public? Kicking a round ‘girlie-ball’?

    It is a constant source of amusement for Americans that foreigners consider this “a sport” and imagine that anyone admires the androgynous humans who play it.

    No offense intended.

  4. Complete and utter silliness, brother! I swear!

    I got jumped on a Scandinavian site about this soccer/football topic.

    They didn’t comprehend the undeniable fact that Americans did invent water, sex, television and fried chicken,and we are proud of that, so naturally, there had to be some explanation for soccer.

    Somewhere a Swede is sharpening a knife for me.

    • Lol

      Your good for laughs. Keep it up, because I could use all the motivation I can get right now, after Russias disappointing exit from the Euro’s.


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