4 thoughts on “Graduates Dance In the Water”

  1. The graduates dance in the water was fantastic great: but for me if wasn’t planed: we have to give the credit to the girl went to the river get her head-band, and she start to dance in the water give more enthusiasm to the other which both give more to all of them to made a marvelous dance. Just to proved: even minds are contagious: not just for anything good, also for bad too. Therefore what we need in the world: lots of response into good manners health, to change the world a little bit more towards peace. Humans could change into the good purpose: to make a world safer. For what I just seen of dance in the river: was one of the best I have seen, if you compeer the age of all of them by being so young. Move this video to any other parts of the world: may change the minds of thousands or even millions. I did love that video. A.Oscar


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