4 thoughts on “Asphalt Is Boiling In Kiev”

  1. Wasn’t a great surprised to me about Kiev: and be to hot in some places in the world, I have studding about those problems, and just matter of time for many countries in the world be this way. I premeditate for myself only: many catastrophes of this Nature will come very soon. Mankind will get back and heard: because of being so greed for the past fifty years. For so long: human beings have been to greed about wealth; and I’m going to speed up, in my writing about it. But with so much technology: will not be enough to help bring back the past type of lives. No alternative to any kind of help: I blame all of them human beings: but most will be towards USA, the country that changes the world to the way we all have now. And could be much faster: if USA continual aggravates the situation, towards the third world war. Planet Earth reaches a point of no return any more. I’m sorry mentioning such facts:: and the year 2012 will demonstrate, such facts about environment in decadence .A.Oscar


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