11 thoughts on “Insane Art of the Mentally Ill”

  1. The human race includes such individuals at the extreme tail end of the normality distribution. As with Dostoyevsky’s convicts, this is where the best and brightest truly are.

  2. It appears this article has been written without any compassion. Phychiatric patients have been labelled as ‘mental patients’ and it looks like the last few pictures of patients have been put there just for a laugh.

    Shame on you English Russia.

    • I agree with Will. It does seem that this article was not written with compassion. I have a daughter that was diagnosed at the age of 16 with severe schizophrenia. She has some drawings in her journal that seem to depict how she is dealing with her illness. Shame on you English Russia – mental illness is no laughing matter…

  3. Some of the pieces are rather good. Some are unskilled crap. Whether their artists are mentally ill or not may be an issue, just as the same question about our politicians (of whatever country). But in the case of the art, it is not relevant.

  4. I wouldn´t be surprised if the pictures of the “artists” had nothing to do with the draws themselves. I mean, if somebody else did it, and not the ones shown in the pictures.

  5. These drawings should be hanging on the walls at every mental institution.
    True actors those so called mentally ill people.
    They are not sick they are basicly just lazy people

  6. F*76 u Andrea. I would love for you or one of ur family members to get bipolar and schizophrenia and see if you have the strength to cope with these horrible illnesses. what r u doing on this post anyway?

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