7 thoughts on “Baku Shot With a Cellphone”

  1. to be quite frank it’s just as well this webste exists. in the UK medi you are brainwashed into thinking that human civilisation stops at Dover or at a stretch only exists in English colonies in Marbella, Spain.

  2. Hooray for Instagram!!! or whatever filter was used.

    I don’t understand why you have a camera with 8 MP on your phone that can take wonderful clear photos and then you apply a filter on it to make it look like it came out of a polaroid from the 60’s. Maybe I’m too old to appreciate it – cause I used to have a real camera that really took pictures like this as a kid.

    • Human rights only exist in a handful of countries, mostly in Scandinavia. Starting with USA and all the other “first world” countries are diluted to think they actually have “rights”

      For that matter, Azerbaijan is quite alright when it comes to rights. It’s a peaceful country. The image you have in your mind is purely orientalist, forced ideas.

  3. The police drive around in BMWs? Not bad, not bad. The city looks very beautiful and prosperous. It mixes oriental with European.

  4. hehehehe…..in fact TrulyRestlessSoul, Wut is right, only Scandinavian countries have rights, USA lacks of freedom of speech and a lot of things, americans live in a terrible slavery and lack of human rights

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