9 thoughts on “Festive Lights of Grozny”

    • Please, tell me more about these ‘unjust’ wars.

      BTW, who do you think paid for all this development?

      • I’d also like to add further that a lot of the Chechnyan rebels wanted to turn Chechnya into a post-Soviet version of Sudan or Saudi Arabia, minus the oil revenue. –Can you say Third World Islamic S***hole?

        So, in this case I think that it was rightly justified.

        • Spot on.

          I’m pretty sure that most people from the Kavkaz would prefer to be independent, but I’m even more certain that they don’t want strict Islamic sharia law presiding over them.

          According to the laws of ‘the lesser evil’ that makes Sharia law the greater evil of the two. Lol.

          When you consider that pro-Chechen terrorist organisations carried out some of the world’s most atrocious terrorist acts (Budyonnovsk, Dubrovka, Beslan are just a few), there is no way to say that Russia was unprovoked.

          And when you consider that Chechnya was a Russian province to begin with (atleast within living memory), its natural that Russia want’s to keep its territory.

  1. So nice to see thousands of Russian soldiers didn’t die in vain.

    Chchens can finally have skyscrapers and fireworks.


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