5 thoughts on “Photos of World War The First”

  1. The aircraft on 9th from the bottom is Morane-Saulnier. The picture probably shows presentation of the device, which enabled shooting through its propeller, to some brass hats. The device, invented by Roland Garros, was quite primitive, consisting of metal wedges placed on the propeller. The other workaround was to place the machine gun on the upper wing of a biplane (Nieuport 11).

  2. What has changed about warfare in roughly 100 years?
    The weapons of today are far more efficient at killing and destroying than ever before.

    We can truly destroy entire nations in a matter of minutes with the right weapons.More death than ever before and in just 30 minutes.

  3. sad to think that shortly after this would start the Russia Civil War. what has changed in 100 years for European people? materialism, atheism, demoralisation, drug addiction on a level never seen before but hey….


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