7 thoughts on “Helirussia Expo Moscow”

  1. Do you know who was the first to solve the gyro stabilization problem of helicopters? It was a Russian Igor Sikorsky of course he left Russia because he saw little opportunity for his line of work in 1919 Russia.What a lose for the USSR he was one of the greatest aeronautical engineers to have lived.

  2. By the way… all the vehicles are not helicopters. The ones with push or pull propellers are autogyre. they must have speed to fly and can’t hover like the helicopters do.

  3. Well,Calidus and RUMAS-10F are wonderful.
    By the way,helicopter is Greek word from
    ελιξ-ελκς+πτήση (spiral+flying).
    As airplane αήρ+πλέω (air+sail).

  4. Some correction. The Ansat helicopter is not designed by “Kazakh” Helicopter Plant. The Helicopter is designed by the KAZAN Helicopter Plant.Kazan Helicopter plant is located in Russia,the city of Kazan.
    Homepage: http://www.kazanhelicopters.com/index.php?id=8


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