Air Duels of MiG-29

Air Duels 3

In the end of April at the airfield “Buturlinovka” they held flying tactical training with fighters of “4+” generation MiG-29SMT where Kursk pilots had to fight with pilots from Voronezh and the Tver region who attacked on Su-34, MiG-31 and Su-24.

Air Duels 4

The conditional enemy was represented by front-line bombers Su-24 and Su-34, also intercepters MiG-31.  Actions of the Kursk air group planes were complicated by jammers.

Air Duels 5

9 planes from each side will be simultaneously in the air.

Air Duels 6

The fighters MiG-29SMT had to independently search and destroy the objects.

Air Duels 7

However the vehicles have to be prepared for flying first.

Air Duels 8

Filling station

Air Duels 9

MiG-29SMT requires 50 minutes to get ready for a flight.

Air Duels 10

While starting the engines and checking the equipment a technician keeps in touch with a pilot with help of this intercom.

Air Duels 11

Next to the plane is APA-5 truck. It’s an airfield launcher intended for electric starting of aero-engines and providing onboard electrical power of a plane on land.

Air Duels 12

Compressed air filling. A plane has many systems using gases: oxygen, nitrogen, air…

Air Duels 13

Air compressor vehicle

Air Duels 14

The station lets adjust pressure at wide range.

Air Duels 15

Air Duels 16

Air Duels 17

Oxygen filling before a flight. All the filling equipment should be strictly clean. Pure oxygen is dangerous.

Air Duels 18

Oxygen filling station

Air Duels 19

Air Duels 20

When the fighter is filled the pilot starts the engines, following the commands of the technician he checks all the main systems.

Air Duels 21

About to take off

Air Duels 22

Air Duels 23

Air Duels 24

Sight of MiG-29SMT can capture targets at the distance of 100 km at all altitude envelope. The equipment allows to shoot at 4 targets at the same time.

Air Duels 25

The heaviest one

Air Duels 26

The enemy is “blue”, MiGs are “red”.

Air Duels 27

Distant missile engagement

Air Duels 28


Air Duels 29

Air Duels 30

Air Duels 31

Air Duels 32

Post-flight maintenance

Air Duels 33

Air Duels 34

Air Duels 35

Cabin of MiG-29SMT

Air Duels 36

Air Duels 37

Air Duels 38

Engineer support supervisory unit

Air Duels 39

Men of aviation are all supersticious, you won’t see a tail number “13” here…

Air Duels 40

Air Duels 41

“The missions are fulfilled!”

Location: Buturlinovka, the Voronezh region

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  1. I have said this before and I will say it again I worked on ground support equipment in the US Air Force for us all of the generators and air compressors etc. are a separate towed unit and are not coupled to a vehicles engine/transmission as Russian equipment is.This is a disadvantage because the unit is powered by the truck therefore if the truck breaks down so does the attached unit this also makes unit cost rise because you have to produce an expensive and complex truck.In the US military with the units being separate any truck can tow them and if you have no trucks then they can be moved by two or three men.I find it a bit surprising that the Russians use a more complex system when they are the masters of simplicity in this one case the US military has a huge advantage because if you have no support equipment you can not maintain your aircraft and therefore can not fly.The complex nature and higher cost of having a truck also means that they will have less available units by having self sustained support equipment you can have larger numbers.

      • @ www:
        Really? That’s the best you can come up with?
        It’s really sad how them comment sections on articles about military equipment seem to be mostly filled by jingoistic idiots. yojimbo’s comment was straightforward and factual (or presented facts as he knows them, to which you could have replied accordingly). Your “reply” sounds like something I’d expect from a four-year old.

    • The F-16 had a similar problem many years ago they just need to solve it and drones will not be able to fly missions the way that a human can for some time yet.

  2. I also noticed the Russians appear to being using liquid oxygen, instead of OBOGS (On-Board Oxygen Generating System)….The F-22 is not fully capable, due to the ongoing problems with this technology.

    • Wrong, OBOGS has been around for years there is some sort of engineering specific problem in the F-22 itself that needs to be fixed. On-Board Oxygen Generating System has been around since the late 70s and has worked on many aircraft.

  3. What I have to say; the Russian air force is not a way from the others, very sophisticated air force and many. Must be prepare every time for any eventuality; and do not trust nobody, USA from the government point of view, not the people, having lots of ambitions to conquer the world, and having 70 plus army bases in 70 countries, and most of them surrounded Russia. Of them mention many times about be Iran a danger’s country; their mean’s themselves, and that only excuses, because what them real know the most, are instigations from Israel. I do not saying do not like them; what do not like any more wars. Therefore Russia get ready always for surprises; because many hot spots in the world today to start a new war. I wish American´s understand of not thinking so much into another war, but in my opinion if their do, could the lost be for the Earth. A.Oscar

    • A.Oscar, the US is not out to conquer the world, frankly, in this day and age it would be impossible for them to so. History has proven time and time again, from the Roman Empire to the Germans in WW1 and WW2.

      I’m Canadian, we have the 2nd largest land mass (aside from Russia), we’re very rich in natural resources (not unlike Russia) and yet our armed forces are relatively small. We have a very stable economy and are highly regarded throughout the world. Our population is very diverse and tolerant. I wish more countries could be like Canada, we are a peace-loving, humanitarian nation and help other countries whenever the need arises. On my “bucket list” is to experience Russia one day, namely the “Trans-Siberian Express”! From Moscow to Vladivostok!!

      • keep releating the uSA is not out to conquer the world.Maybe some day, you believe this yourself also?
        Usually is the case : the ones denying the most, are the ones that actually have the plans ready!

  4. First really good pictures of the SMT I’ve seen so far. Never realized how huge the ‘conformal’ tanks are.

  5. I saw the USAF was going to start installing a backup Liquid oxygen systems on the F-22…(you would think after spending $400 million plus per aircraft….all the basic stuff would be sorted out by now…also, $400 million price tag comes from US GAO…)

  6. Russian aircraft are meant to be PRATICAL. You can replace a MiG-29 engine for a new one in about 30 minutes, almost all systems are easily replaceable. This is an advantage at war, when planes must be fixed as quickly as possible, but makes maintenance expensive: you must have some spare engines along with many spare systems. On the other hand, you can cannibalize an MiG-29 of the fleet to fix the others. It’s a very different point of view comparing to USA fighter planes.

  7. It’s an interesting plane, I’d still say in a one on one, or even a two or three on one, I’d take an F-14D up against it in a missile fight, not so sure about a dogfight, though the Tommie was an excellent dogfighter for such a big beast.


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