Milky Business

Milk Production 1

A stud farm “Irmen” is situated in a village Verkh-Irmen of the Novosibirsk Region. The main business line of the farm is production and processing of grain, milk and meat. In the commercial output structure milk takes 50%, meat – 16% and grain – 16%. “Irmen” occupies the third place in Russia and the 1st place in the Novosibirsk region in the top list of the most efficient enterprises producing milk.

Milk Production 2

They have 2450 cows.

Milk Production 3

Each cow gives about 10 thousand litres of milk a year.
The stud farm also breeds new strains of cattle.

Milk Production 4

Field crop growers are sowing corn to feed the cows with it.  Among others they use combines “John Deere”.

Milk Production 5

It substitutes 5 tractors.

Milk Production 6

In order to give milk a cow should be older than 16 months and weigh not less than 300 kg. In such a weight it is inseminated and in 9 months it will give birth to a calf and milk.
At the age of 3-3,5 years the cow is slaughtered.

Milk Production 7

A cow is milked 3 times a day with intervals of 7 hours.

Milk Production 8

Only men milk cows with help of special equipment.

Milk Production 9

Every cow has a chip on its neck. When it enters the milking room necessary information is read from it: how much milk the cow has given today and earlier, how it feels.

Milk Production 10

70 tons of unpasteurized milk is processed in the milking shop daily.

Milk Production 11

At the output they get 33 tons of milk, 25 tons of cultured milk foods and 2 tons of cottage cheese.

Milk Production 12

Wholesalers pay 25 rubles (80 cents) for 1 litre of milk.

Milk Production 13

Each worker packs 14 tons of cultured milk foods daily.

Milk Production 14

Milk Production 15

They produce 11 types of milk products, 35 types of meat products.

Milk Production 16

Packed products

Each day Verkh-Irmen delivers up to 70 tons of various milk products to Novosibirsk.
It’s 1/4 of the market of a 1,5 million’s city.

Milk Production 17

P.S. Cows live a sad life but they have a bonus – “Automatic scratcher”.  They are in each cowshed. The animals love it.

Location: Novosibirsk

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  1. Expensive milk!

    At a wholesale price of $3.20/Gallon, the shelf price must be very high.

    I bought a gallon of whole milk today for $2.31

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