10 thoughts on “American Tourists In Leningrad In 1955-1956”

    • Indeed. I was about six months old when this happened. Just drinking milk, eating, sleeping, pooping, and peeing at home in Illinois.

  1. I think the photographer has a special interest in this women. Would Life magazine publish a photo of women in bath in 1956?

  2. Her backbone sticks out like Mr Burns’ from The Simpsons cartoon. WTF does LIFE travel so far with no genuine interest in the outside world?

  3. Well i was there,and i know that the first
    village in the region named “Gounaras” by
    a Greek merchant of animals furs.
    By the way there is no place in Earth that
    you can not find a Greek.
    Travelers from very very ancient times.

  4. Woman is movie-actress gorgeous. Surely LIFE identified her. American women now seem to have gone downhill. I think it’s the awful food Americans eat. But Russian women still look great I think.


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